TEL AVIV, IRISH REPUBLIC—— Coho AI, a product-driven revenue platform, has raised USD 8.5 million in seed investment led by Eight Roads, TechAviv, and a limited group of angel investors, including business co-founders Ariel Maislos, Shlomo Kremer, Natan Linder, and other prominent founders. The fundraising round enables Coho AI to continue developing its platform, accelerating growth for B2B SaaS firms by “lifting the hood” on their client use data. Coho AI contributes to a future of product-led growth by putting data at the center of decision-making.

SaaS solutions provide organizations with more data than ever before, yet most firms fail to exploit it effectively. Teams devoted to increasing client income, retention, and sales sometimes lack the proper skills and tools to use data. Understanding such data frequently necessitates significant work from R&D and data specialists while making it useful for GTM teams necessitates the correct technique from growth experts. For these reasons, current in-house solutions do not succeed in driving revenue growth.

Coho AI assists existing firms that have achieved Product-Market Fit in transitioning to product insight-driven enterprises. Coho AI demonstrates how a product-led growth (PLG) methodology may be used in various SaaS organizations and at various phases of the customer life cycle. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of SaaS providers will use product-led growth approaches to boost existing client growth and development. Coho AI focuses on product usage data, demonstrating that it can and should be used throughout the customer experience to enhance growth. This strategy can lower churn while improving go-to-market and customer success skills.

“Coho AI’s platform enables SaaS firms to respond to product usage data in unprecedented ways,” explains Davor Hebel, Managing Partner at Eight Roads. “Today, many businesses are embracing a PLG approach, resulting in a high need for a platform like Coho AI.”

More about the company:

Coho AI, founded in 2021, enables growth teams to provide value to customers while raising conversion rates and supporting customer success and sales teams in identifying revenue development prospects. The artificial intelligence-powered Coho AI product-led revenue platform connects effortlessly with existing B2B SaaS solutions to deliver a holistic analysis of all touch points the user experiences with the product. Coho AI fosters a future of product-led growth by producing intelligible and actionable insights, bringing data to the center of decision-making.

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