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CORK, Ireland (AP) — Vaultree announced the completion of a UD 12.8 million series A expansion investment round, increasing the company’s total capital to USD 16.1 million. Molten Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures led the series A investment, which expanded on Vaultree’s USD 3.3 million seed round in October 2021. 

SentinelOne, a top global cybersecurity company, Elkstone Partners, CircleRock Capital, Cyber Club London, and prominent cybersecurity experts are among the additional A-round investors. Vaultree plans to use the proceeds from this round of funding to expand sales, marketing, and product development of its data-in-use encryption technology.

With data breaches at an all-time high and fresh ransomware assaults increasing in almost every industry, a security breakthrough is more important than ever. Current solutions rely on decrypting sensitive data in order to handle it, posing major financial, cyber, privacy, legal, and economic risks in the case of a leak.

End-to-end encryption from Vaultree allows you to operate with completely encrypted data without having to decode it or provide security keys. The approach offers Searchable (SE) and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) at near-plaintext speed – a significant step forward in the safe, scalable data processing. Unlike traditional data-at-rest or data-in-transit security measures, Vaultree has created fully functioning data-in-use encryption technology to safeguard data at all times — whether in use, at rest, or in transit — with no discernible degradation.

Our series A is a monument to our team’s dedication to improving our ground-breaking breakthrough: the world’s first completely functioning searchable encryption (SE) and fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). 

“Vaulttree’s Completely Functional Data-in-Use Encryption technologies provide organisations with a user-friendly, simple-to-integrate, and fully scalable solution that eliminates all of the barriers often associated with FHE and SE,” stated Ryan Lasmaili, CEO and co-founder of Vaultree. Our objective is to make this technology the new standard against which all data security is judged, offering a new level of safety to businesses worldwide by rendering breaches and leaks impotent and useless. This support puts us one step closer to disarming global data breaches and cyberattacks and fulfilling our goal of an encrypted tomorrow for everybody.”

“We saw a wonderful opportunity supporting Vaultree’s breakthrough technology that has the potential to transform the way the world sees data processing,” said Stav Pischits, Co-Founder of Cyber Club London (CCL). We are delighted and honored to be a part of the Vaultree adventure at Cyber Club London (CCL).”

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