Hadean, a deep tech startup with offices in London, has raised USD 30 million to expand the capabilities of its ground-breaking metaverse infrastructure platform, which already supports immersive entertainment virtual worlds and digital business twins.

Along with 2050 Capital, Alumni Ventures, Aster Capital, Entrepreneur First, and InQTel, Molten Ventures led Series A funding. Hadean will use Series A to expand the company’s scalable, interoperable, and secure metaverse capabilities and receive funding from Epic Games. Hadean is the “infrastructure” that fuels the metaverse and allows it to become a reality as an open platform for distributed cloud computing.

According to Marc Petit, VP of Epic’s Unreal Engine Ecosystem:

 “Hadean’s computational capacity will offer the infrastructure needed as we seek to establish a scalable metaverse.” “The company’s technology enhances Epic’s Unreal Engine by allowing a huge number of concurrent users and opening up new tools for developers and designers. We are happy to have helped Hadean develop and look forward to continuing to cooperate in laying the groundwork for the metaverse.”

Hadean’s co-founder and CEO, Craig Beddis, said: 

“To help us make better decisions and eventually enhance the quality of our lives in the real world, Hadean’s objective is to build a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. Today’s virtual worlds offer a limited experience because they are isolated, small-scale, and unsafe. Therefore, these are the technological difficulties we’re dealing with now. However, we think the real success and widespread acceptance of the metaverse will depend on how simple it is for creators to scale up their own experiences using open and reliable metaverse-as-a-service technology. We are honored to collaborate with giants in the industry like Epic Games who share our values and aspirations for making this reality.”

More about the startup:

Hadean has created key metaverse components, negotiated multi-year contracts with companies in the education and business digital twin sectors, and collaborated with the gaming and entertainment industries (Minecraft, Pixelynx, Sony, and Gamescoin). 

At the 2019 Game Developers Conference, Hadean demonstrated its infrastructure technology with a 14,000-player Unreal Engine demo with EVE Online developer CCP Games. This is just one instance of how the company’s technology supports numerous concurrent participants in a virtual world. With this new round of funding, Hadean will be better able to equip creators in developing metaverse markets with the resources they need to revolutionize every part of the way they produce, construct, and consume.

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