Aqua-Yield, the top nano liquid business in the world for agricultural productivity, announced the completion of its USD 23 million Series A funding round. The Penny Newman Grain Company and San Leonardo joined the Larry H. Miller Company (the LHM Company) in leading the round. The business will use the funding to hasten the adoption of its nano liquid solutions worldwide.

Aqua-Yield has developed a technology that is unlike anything else on the market in the field of crop inputs. The company’s multi-award-winning nano liquid solutions use cutting-edge nanoparticle technology to make liquid agricultural products more effective at plant absorption, significantly boost crop output and farmer income, and improve soil sustainability.

According to Clark T. Bell, CEO, and co-founder of Aqua-Yield:

“The Aqua-Yield team has created a strong patent platform since 2014. We help thousands of producers cut their synthetic fertilizer and crop protection inputs by 25 to 50 percent while increasing earnings sustainably. The proprietary nano-based technology catalyzes the traditional liquid crop protection and agricultural fertilizers. This technology improves plant nutrient uptake and crop protection agent effectiveness to work with all conventional agricultural inputs. We have a solution for almost every crop with our 16 commercially accessible products in our package.”

The company’s solutions can be utilized on farms of any size and in any part of the country; they are currently in use on farms covering four million acres and in more than nine nations. The company ran more than 750 field trials between 2014 and 2021, with an average 3:1 return on investment for producers. Since 2014, farmers have used up to 80% less micronutrients and 50% fewer macronutrients thanks to Aqua-solution, Yield’s, which uses less fertilizer and chemical application while boosting nutrient uptake, germination rates, crop yields, and growth cycles.

According to David Smith, chief strategy officer of the LHM Company:

“Aqua-Yield increases nutrient uptake and decreases synthetic fertilizer use, leading to more environmentally efficient and profitable farms.” “At the Larry H. Miller Company, stewardship is a core principle, and we see this investment as an opportunity to improve feeding practices more sustainably and responsibly.”

Fraser Bullock, founding partner and board member of Aqua-Yield, said:

 “As an original investor in Aqua-Yield, I’ve been impressed with how the executive team has bootstrapped and built the company in an integrated approach. “The money from our Series A will enable us to create a targeted worldwide footprint and expand our commercial staff globally.”

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