Denmark-based nanotechnology startup ATLANT 3D raised USD 15 million in the latest funding. The Series A round took place on September 12, 2022. West Hill Capital led the financing for the firm. Meanwhile, the company’s existing investors, including a leading Japanese corporation, invested in the firm.

Beyond the life sciences and software segment, the recent financing for ATLANT 3D is Denmark’s largest joint Series A funding.

Purpose of financing for ATLANT 3D

With the fresh proceeds from Series A, the company intends to support its vision of creating a network-centric smart advanced manufacturing infrastructure. 

 ATLANT 3D aims to propel a network of advanced manufacturing hubs across the globe, i.e., the A-hubs, to enable a radical innovation ecosystem for next-generation micro and nanoelectronics prototyping and manufacturing.

What the company’s official has to say

 Dr Maksym Plakhotnyuk, CEO and Founder of ATLANT 3D, said, “The existing process-intensive manufacturing method is a limiting factor in the future of electronics development. Due to its inflexibility, the current multi-step process is at the root of our current global supply chain crisis, causing a shortage of electronic devices and bringing high barriers to innovation. At ATLANT 3D, we have invented a unique technological platform that enables what was previously impossible. Imagine that new advanced materials, devices, and applications that you use today for your intelligent life or for the industry can be manufactured in-house, with flexibility and sustainability in mind. The process can be fully digital, cost-effective, and provide a possibility for rapid innovation with atomic precision. The recently raised funding will enable us to continue the fast technology and product development and expand ATLANT 3D to the first international market.”

What the investor has to say

Alan Richards, Partner, and Co-Founder of West Hill Capital said, “We see a huge potential in ATLANT 3Ds’ groundbreaking technology. We were impressed by the company’s grand vision and the way how ATLANT 3D technology is ready to disrupt the conventional microfabrication approach.”

About the company

Founders Ivan Kundrata, Julien Bachmann, and Maksym Plakhotnyuk launched the company in 2018. ATLANT 3D Nanosystems operates as a deep-tech company. It enables on-demand micro and optoelectronics fabrication to make the air a smart matter.

Since 2020 ATLANT 3D has secured a number of customers. Its portfolio includes leading global industrial companies and organizations in the space, semiconductor, and electronics industries. It is the first and only company to crack the code for a revolutionary new way of doing micro and nano processing. 

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