Top 10 Software and SaaS startups in the USA
Top 10 Software and SaaS startups in the USA

August 9, 2022, NEW YORK  — Leading SaaS influencer marketing platform Smartfluence has announced a USD 2.15 million seed round funded by PACA Ventures. The PACA Ventures principals Ira Lubert and Jo Webber will be a part of the board of directors for Smartfluence.

The cash will speed up client growth and improve Smartfluence’s unique influencer automation software by integrating support for e-commerce platforms and influencer relationship management.

David Ko, CEO & co-founder of Smartfluence, said: 

“Being added to the PACA Ventures’ portfolio of innovative technology firms is a fantastic honor as we continue the rapid growth of our SaaS influencer marketing platform. Ira, Jo, and the rest of the team make the ideal partners because they have knowledge of the market sector and extensive experience working with forward-thinking businesses that are evolving in this industry. With the support of this fundraising round, we will be able to assist clients even more in automating influencer relationships and scaling reach across all advertising channels.”

In essential sectors, including luxury clothes, pets, and beauty & cosmetics, Smartfluence is positioned as the top player. Customers of Smartfluence include businesses aiming to scale their influencer finding as well as e-commerce sites.

Ira Lubert of PACA Ventures said:

 “We were delighted with the company’s innovation and leadership team from our first encounter with Smartfluence, and we knew we wanted to play a role on the ground floor of their acceleration. The demand for a platform that grows influencer marketing programs is rapidly increasing, and Smartfluence has a fantastic potential to address this demand.

More about the platform:

Smartfluence is a platform for managing and discovering creators that help marketers locate the ideal influencers for their business. Brands may automate their influencer marketing initiatives with the help of Smartfluence’s influencer analytics and predictive campaign statistics.

The relationship between businesses and social media influencers is being revolutionised by the 2018 invention of Smartfluence, which employs a quantitative analytical approach. It enables brands to automate and scale their influencer marketing programmes through the platform’s proprietary data-driven algorithms, which help brands understand influencer audiences by providing metrics like audience credibility scores, brand and interest affinities, audience demographics, and estimated pricing.

 With the aid of its influencer discovery engine, marketers can find appropriate influencers for their campaigns, personalize and automate outreach to forge and nurture relationships with influencers, and use campaign data to focus their search and intensify their efforts on high-ROI connections.

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