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Beacon Power Services (BPS) offers energy management software and analytics for utilities and mini-grid operators. The company recently received a USD 2.7 million seed round, claiming that the additional investment will allow it to expand outside of Nigeria and Ghana, where it is now active, and improve its current goods (product updates to add new features and incorporate automation).

The majority of power suppliers on the continent of Africa cannot provide clients with consistent and reasonably priced electricity, according to problems highlighted by the company. This epileptic power supply has undoubtedly hampered local enterprises’ development, which has impacted the region’s economy.

To solve this issue, Beacon Power Services (BPS) has created the AI-enabled smart grid platform Adora, which gives electric utilities real-time visibility into network performance. Energy suppliers can prevent outages, spot network losses, and distribute electricity more effectively thanks to Adora’s ability to link to every utility asset and consumer node on the grid.

Bimbola Adisa, founder and CEO of Beacon Power Services commented on how this technology will address Africa’s limited access to electricity. She revealed that the BPS technology was well suited after careful observation to enhance the daily grid supply of electricity.

According to him, “Africa is home to the world’s fastest-growing cities, but when most people think of energy access in Africa, they think of the rural areas with little to no access to electricity. However, without significantly increasing energy access and dependability throughout its significant cities, Africa would not be able to thrive.

In addition to providing companies with access to energy, BPS technology is also significantly lowering Africa’s dependency on diesel generators, which positively influences the continent’s sustainable economic development and fight against climate change.

Beacon Power Services’ endeavor is highly praiseworthy given its objective to provide electricity access to millions of companies on the African continent. Poor access to electricity supply is one crucial issue that has persisted in impeding the expansion of economies in the African continent.

The convenience and cost of conducting business in the area have been impacted, and stunted the expansion of firms and small companies. Small businesses are said to be the backbone of a country’s economy. Therefore it becomes difficult for them to expand when they run into various issues, chief among which is limited access to energy.

Although the African continent has enormous potential, it may not be realized until a significant portion of its population has to access to electricity. Congratulations to Beacon Power Services for taking on the job of supplying electricity to millions of people in the area.

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