New York-based global fintech company FinLync announced a strategic partnership with Workday Ventures. The company also received investment from Workday Ventures on July 28, 2022. 

Purpose of FinLync – Workday partnership 

The fintech company has joined Workday’s software partner program as a part of the deal. The integration of Workday Financial Management and FinLync will enable the latter to real-time power payments and multi-bank API connectivity. This, in turn, allows the partner to deliver a best-in-class experience to joint customers. 

With a recent strategic partnership, FinLync seeks to provideWorkday Financial Management with more than a hundred pre-integrated bank API connections to banks worldwide. Moreover, FinLync aims to offer joint customers the ability to initiate real-time payments seamlessly. Meanwhile, the customers can keep solving common treasury headaches through end-to-end payment traceability, simplified connectivity, and real-time cash visibility. 

The company recently announced that the former Microsoft treasurer Tahreem Kampton joined FinLync’s Advisory Board. Meanwhile, FinLync also teamed up with Deutsche Bank. 

What the FinLync official has to say

 Peter Klein, co-founder and CTO of FinLync, said, “Core to this partnership is the shared belief that corporates who move to a model of real-time working capital across their payments, cash and treasury functions will be the market winners and those who do not will be left behind. We look forward to empowering forward-thinking finance leaders ready to embrace the new best practices in payments and treasury. Workday Ventures’ investment in FinLync is also a strong sign of support from an innovative market leader in the enterprise space. We are honoured to work closely with them as we transform the global financial economy together.”

What the Workday Ventures official has to say

Mark Peek, managing director and head of Workday Ventures, added, “We’re excited to have made a strategic investment in FinLync as we continue to identify new ways to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. Together, FinLync and Workday will deliver advancements that support real-time working capital and cost-savings, thereby reducing the time and effort for Workday Financial Management customers to integrate with banks.”

About FinLync

The New York-based company was launched in 2015 by Peter Klein and Phillip Ashley Klein. The company provides ERP native apps and API connectivity to empower treasurers. The treasurers get to optimize cash, facilitate quick decisions, save time and reduce the resources needed to manage complex financial needs. The firm has employees from 18 different countries and operates in regions such as New York, Los Angeles and Singapore.

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