Bangalore, India-based internet commerce company Meesho announced employees’ unlimited paid leaves policy. The new policy was announced on June 21st, 2022. It enables the employees to take up to 365 days of paid leaves for mental and health-related concerns. It also covers the situation when a close family member requires frequent or constant hospitalisation. Besides, it applies to employees who want to pursue their individual passion.

Purpose of the New Policy by Meesho

The initiative is a part of Meesho’s ‘MeeCARE’ program. It aims to boost holistic well-being for employees and their families. 

The ‘MeeCARE’ programme covers various aspects of wellness initiatives. It includes a combination of policies, benefits and other interventions under the policy. 

Details of the Policy

Under the policy, employees will receive full salary payment throughout the tenure of the leave for self-illness. Meanwhile, in case of a family member’s illness, they will get up to 25 per cent of their salary for three months.

In addition to remuneration, employees are also entitled to other essential benefits such as provident fund contribution, insurance, and additional medical benefits. However, those taking leaves for non-medical reasons will receive no compensation.

Besides, the policy offers fundamental benefits to Meeshoites. The employees will also be entitled to appraisal cycles. It will be based on the contributions over the time they were actively working. 

In order to cover an employee’s smooth transition back to work and reestablish their career path, they will be able to return to work in the same role as designated earlier. However, in the absence of the designated position, the employee gets a similar role of their choice within another team.

Meesho does not see a large number of employees availing of the scheme. The Bangalore-based e-commerce unicorn has devised a seamless application for its employees. The employee has to raise a request on its HR management portal. The respective managers will immediately respond to the request.

Meesho currently has 2000-odd employees working for it. The company turned unicorn in April 2021. It raised USD 300 million in a funding round back then led by SoftBank Group.

What the HR of Meesho has to say

“Driven by the core tenet of people-first, Meesho understands how every employee’s requirements are unique and diverse. The introduction of infinite leaves, thereby, takes our focus on creating a conducive environment for employees a notch higher. All our policies are designed with the aim of making our employees feel valued, empowered, and cared for,” said Ashish Kumar Singh, CHRO at Meesho.

“We were seeing cases where employees needed long leave for pursuing personal goals or needed extended time off if they were ill, or if a family member was critically ill. This new policy is a recognition of those needs. We don’t expect large numbers of people availing of this policy because of its nature, but we do think it’s a high-impact programme,” he further added.

About Meesho

Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal founded the Bangalore-based e-commerce platform in December 2015. It is an online reselling startup that enables sellers to undertake retail distribution with small or no investment. It deals in fashion, home and kitchen appliances, and electronic products. Meesho’s vision is to build a single shopping destination for the next billion consumers in India. 

The Facebook-backed startup turned unicorn in 2021. The platform is also eyeing an IPO early next year. Meesho’s app downloads increased nearly five times on a year-on-year basis to over 102 million in the January-March 2022 period. It has 44 million active product listings. The startup stands as the lowest-price destination catering to India’s value-conscious market.

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