LONDON, June 9, 2022 — CHARM Therapeutics, a 3D deep-learning research company founded by David Baker, Ph.D., and Laksh Aithani to discover and develop transformational medicines, has announced a US $50 million Series A financing led by F-Prime Capital and OrbiMed, with participation from General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, Braavos, and Axial.

What the founders have to say:

Gary D. Glick Ph.D., Executive Chair of CHARM Therapeutics:

“Three-dimensional deep learning on macromolecular configurations heralds a new era in medication development. David Baker’s work in predicting highly accurate three-dimensional structures of proteins has the potential to open up new medical frontiers, allowing researchers to attack disease targets previously thought to be unsolvable. CHARM Therapeutics was founded to combine these 3D deep-learning advancements with drug discovery and development expertise. We look forward to achieving these objectives with the help of these high-quality new investors.”

David Baker, Ph.D., co-founder of CHARM Therapeutics:

“Recent developments in deep-learning-based protein folding have fundamentally transformed the breadth of what we can achieve in biology. I’m happy that we’ve established CHARM Therapeutics to pursue this to solve unmet medical needs.”

What the investors have to say:

Rishi Gupta J.D., Partner at OrbiMed:

“One of the most significant accomplishments in applying AI to the life sciences is the remarkable advances in predicting the three-dimensional structures of proteins. CHARM Therapeutics has established a world-class team of experts in artificial intelligence, drug discovery, and structural biology. We look forward to assisting them on their road to redefining the drug discovery process.”

Nihal Sinha M.D., Partner at F-Prime Capital

“CHARM was established to apply protein-folding breakthroughs to small-molecule drug development, and it has made great progress toward predicting the structural basis of protein-ligand interaction – a technique with far-reaching implications in medicine.”

More about the company:

Laksh Aithani, who previously founded Y Combinator-backed genei, was a pivotal contributor to Exscientia’s machine learning technology and was most recently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Braavos, based CHARM Therapeutics. He will be the Chief Executive Officer of CHARM.

CHARM Therapeutics is a 3D deep-learning research and development company that discovers and develops transformative medications.

CHARM Therapeutics has developed a patented technology based on the first quick, accurate protein/ligand co-folding algorithm, based on David Baker’s award-winning breakthroughs in protein folding. The company’s objective is to apply these insights to finding and developing new medications for challenging targets in cancer and other disease areas.

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