Take Blip, a business-focused online messaging platform that recently secured US $70 million in a Series B investment led by Warburg Pincus on 7th June 2022. According to CEO Roberto Oliveira, the funding, which brings Take Blip’s total raised to US $170 million, will be used for product development, mergers and acquisitions, and customer acquisition.

What the founder has to say:

Take-Blip CEO Roberto Oliveira:

“Every company needed a website in the early phases of the internet, 20 years ago, because people began to experience brands online and use Google to search for brands and items. We’re now seeing a significant paradigm shift in the direction of dialogues. People spend time online in social chats with friends and family, which Take Blip attempts to emulate for businesses. Blip’s true value proposition ensures the ability to comprehend client input and enable rapid evolution.

We have over 240,000 users on our platform, with over 50,000 of them registering in 2022. We passed the $100 million mark in annual recurring revenue this quarter. The company was self-funded and paid dividends until 2020. We’re paying close attention to the more considerable IT downturn, fine-tuning our financial estimates, and being very careful with our investments. At the same time, we’re pleased with our numbers and rapid expansion. Accelerating some acquisition negotiations is one item that could be an opportunity.”

Growing need for Omnichannel Messaging Service:

In today’s environment, omnichannel marketing is a must, where Take Blip comes in. Businesses can communicate with clients through their preferred channels thanks to the company’s platform. It automates the connection and makes things incredibly efficient, but it also uses AI technology to create individualized discussions. Take Blip assists businesses in achieving better results.

Customers do not all prefer to text businesses. But, according to surveys commissioned by platforms with messaging services to sell, a rising percentage of people do. Avochato, a messaging vendor, reported that nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) would prefer a company that texted rather than called. Yotpo, an e-commerce marketing firm, says that more than half of buyers desire to receive messages from firms.

More about the company:

The success of Blip is proof that there is demand from the business side. Take Blip, which was founded by Oliveira, Daniel Costa (head of people), Sérgio Passos (CTO), Marcelo Oliveira, and Antônio Oliveira over 20 years ago in 1999, has evolved into a cloud product that extracts insights from customer-business interactions across channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Chat, and Telegram.

Customers of Blip, such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé, can use chatbots to automate conversations and pass complex issues on to customer support professionals. Like many other messaging companies, Take Blip offers metrics to track sales salespeople’s effectiveness.

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