Bhubaneswar, India-based local startup Bon V Technology’s AI-powered Aircraft will be displayed at the startup event VivaTech in Paris. VivaTech is Europe’s largest startup event which focuses on tech-driven innovations. The program will go on for three days, i.e. June 15- June 18. The Aircraft displayed by Bon V Technology is among one the innovations from India. It is a proud moment for the startup and the entire nation.

Founders of Bon V Technolgy
Founders of Bon V Technolgy

The innovation garnered colossal attention from policymakers. It was first displayed at a Niti Aayog tech festival at the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav event in New Delhi in April.

The Aircraft developed by Bon V Technology

The local startup developed an artificial intelligence-powered aircraft named RM001. The Aircraft offers a clean, smart, sustainable and safe mode of transportation. Bon V Technology’s Aircraft can play a vital role in speedy and economical cargo transportation. It will primarily benefit hilly terrains, disaster relief, emergency medical supplies, casualty evacuation and firefighting. Since Odisha is frequently affected by natural disasters, the Aircraft is a blessing for the state.

RM001 is a multi-utility vehicle. Processed with state-of-art technology, it can navigate itself during flight, avoid obstacles and communicate with ground stations. Besides, it has 4G and 5G connectivity. 

Moreover, it is seven times cheaper than the current air transportation solution. Bon V Technology’s Aircraft can carry 200 kg of cargo, covering a stellar distance of 40 km.

What the officials of the startup have to say

“A week ago, we got a call from the Indian embassy in Paris that we have been selected to present our innovation at VivaTech. Soon, we got another call from the Niti Aayog that asked us to take our innovation to Paris,” said Satyabrata Satapathy, chief executive officer (CEO) of BON V Technology.

In addition, Gaurav Achha, co-CEO and co-founded at Bon V Technology, said, “The startup aims at making aerial logistics super affordable at par with road transport in hilly regions.”

Satyabrata Satapathy will leave for Paris with his team on June 13, 2022. The Aircraft has already been sent to Paris as diplomatic cargo.

What Niti Ayog officials have to say

“The mobility sector witnesses disruption. BON V Technology is one such startup that is pioneering carbon-free smart aerial mobility through its e-vertical take-off landing vehicle. Amazing to see innovative prowess in action,” said Amitabh Kant, chief executive officer of Niti Ayog.

niti ayog

About Bon V Technology

Bon V Technology is an Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (IIT)-incubated startup. Seven techies co-founded the local startup in 2021. Their passionate vision is to build a robust and affordable aerial mobility platform for goods transport now and people transportation in future. They have plans to commercialise the Aircraft by the end of this year.

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