SwipeRx (previously mClinica Pharmacy Solutions), Southeast Asia’s (SEA) premier pharmacy platform, has raised a Series B investment of US $27 million in equity and debt to drive its growth across the region on 24th May 2022. MDI Ventures led the round, which included global investors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures, SIG, and previous investors.

The team

What the founder has to say:

Farouk Meralli, Founder and CEO, SwipeRx:

“SwipeRx has grown at a breakneck pace in recent years, allowing us to realize our goal of becoming Southeast Asia’s largest drugstore network. This round of funding confirms our commitment to disrupting an extremely fragmented industry while also promoting public health by bolstering the pharmacy channel. We are thrilled to be the leader in Southeast Asia as a platform that has revolutionized and modernized the pharmacy sector, serving as their one-stop-shop for all daily operations ranging from education to purchasing and inventory financing.”

What the investors have to say:

Donald Wihardja, CEO, MDI Ventures:

“SwipeRx’s platform, which aims to address the issues pharmacies encounter, particularly in Indonesia, by uniting diverse actors – big and small – under one platform, has a lot of potential and promise. SwipeRx provides pharmacies with the broadest retail purchasing network, nationwide logistical capabilities, financing alternatives, and a fully integrated B2B stack. MDI Ventures is thrilled to be a part of SwipeRx’s next chapter of growth as it strives to reach new heights in Indonesia and the region.”

About the company:


 SwipeRx has acquired over 235,000 pharmacy personnel and 45,000 outlets across Southeast Asia.

SwipeRx is poised to expand its pharmacy network, expand its specialised healthcare logistics to fulfill B2B commerce, accelerate technological innovation, and recruit talent across Southeast Asia, with a strong presence in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand, and Cambodia.

SwipeRx has known since its inception that pharmacies are primarily scattered. SwipeRx pioneered a community-driven commerce model and built the world’s largest digital pharmacy community with all-in-one B2B commerce capabilities.

SwipeRx sees a lot of potential in expanding its community and commerce solutions for pharmacies across Southeast Asia and building on its market leadership. SwipeRx is set to grow and scale across Southeast Asia with a strong workforce of over 400 workers.

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