Fetcher, a full-service recruiting automation platform, is pleased to announce a US $27 million Series B investment led by Tola Capital, with current investors G20 Ventures, KFund, and Accomplice participating on 19th May 2022.

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Fetcher has now raised US $40 million in total funding, allowing it to expand its efforts in building powerful, qualified applicant pipelines for talent acquisition teams and outreach and diversity analytics, CRM capabilities, and global sourcing support.

Fetcher is delighted to expand abroad and develop the most effective sourcing platform for busy talent acquisition teams with this fresh financing. It will continue to improve its platform to guarantee that recruiters and hiring managers have a consistent stream of quality, interested candidates and introduce more ATS integrations, CRM features, and other features. The team will expand around the globe, assisting talent acquisition teams around the world.

What the founder has to say:

Co-Founder and CEO, Andres Blank:

“The recruiting landscape has shifted. Because of the epidemic, organizations have been compelled to expand their hiring efforts with smaller recruiting teams due to remote hiring. Diversity hiring is also becoming more prominent, as it should. Due to these variables, talent acquisition teams require automation to establish diversified talent pipelines and recruit faster, resulting in our revenue tripling in the last year and increasing as we update the platform and expand worldwide.”

What the investors have to say:

Tola Capital Partner, Aaron Fleishman:

“The capacity to acquire and retain top and varied people is crucial for flourishing businesses. Developing strong teams has been exacerbated by the fact that average job longevity has reduced significantly. Fetcher’s recruiting automation technology eliminates the issue of a clogged applicant pipeline, giving recruiters more time to engage and create relationships with candidates. We’re excited to collaborate with the Fetcher team to bring machine learning and human intelligence to recruiters’ workflows.”

About the company:


To make the sourcing and outreach process as simple as possible, Fetcher’s recruitment automation platform connects with dozens of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Gmail and Outlook. Recruiters can use its one-click Chrome plugin to manually source candidates on LinkedIn, screening them into automated email outreach sequences for engagement. Its sophisticated analytics enable businesses to track top-of-funnel performance metrics at the individual, team, position, and company levels.

 These metrics not only assist teams in understanding what is required at each level of the funnel to reach and surpass their hiring goals, but they also aid in the development of diverse applicant pipelines, thanks to the inclusion of strategic diversity analytics.

Hundreds of firms cooperate with Fetcher, including Behr Paint, Albertson’s, Foursquare, and Shutterstock. Customers save time and money while expanding their applicant pipelines, allowing them to acquire top people more quickly than ever before.

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