10 MAY 2022, BARCELONA, SPAIN: Earlybird and Target Global, and current investors Adara Ventures and 4Founders Capital led a €10 million (USD 10.54 Million) Series A investment round in Freeverse.io. Companies can use Freeverse’s service to create ‘Living Assets,’ next-generation NFTs.

Existing investors Adara Ventures and 4Founders Capital and global digital media company OneFootball joined the round alongside Earlybird and Target. Members Mario Götze, Travelperk, Lucas von Cranach, CEO of OneFootball, and Maex Ament, co-founder of Taulia and Centrifuge, are notable angels.

What the founder has to say:

 CEO Alun Evans:

“In the Metaverse and beyond, Living Assets represent the way forward for digital ownership. Living Assets provide a fairer and more sustainable business model for corporations and customers since they are valued based on how they are used rather than simply speculation. As a result, we anticipate our methodology becoming a key component of the developing web3 sector.”

What the investors have to say:

Dr. Christian Nagel, Partner and Co-founder at Earlybird:

“While 2021 may have been dubbed ‘the year of the NFT,’ NFTs that their owners can change, such as Freeverse’s Living Assets, offer a stronger long-term business model for the sector because artificial scarcity notions do not determine their market value,”

Lina Chong, Investment Director at Target Global:

“The Freeverse team’s architecture overcomes the current limitations of NFTs, particularly the ability for brands to retain their brand equity. They’ve devised a strategy that is opposed to another purely decentralized system, but one that we believe is required for widespread adoption of NFTs.”

About the company:

The goal of Freeverse is to develop Living Assets, an NFT 2.0 platform that will power the digital industry of the future. The founders of Freeverse have decades of experience in technology and businesses. Dr. Toni Mateos, the co-creator of the Dolby Atmos system, put it together (via Immosound, the startup acquired by the audio giant in 2012). Dr. Alun Evans, Alessandro Siniscalchi, and Ferran Estalella are among the company’s founding members. The headquarters of Freeverse is in Barcelona, Spain.

One of the most common criticisms of the digital collectibles boom is that the market value is based solely on speculation. Individuals purchase “rare” digital assets exclusively to resell them for a profit. By allowing NFT qualities to vary and evolve, Freeverse’s product and technology provide a way out of this dilemma. Instead of scarcity and speculation, the Metaverse will be inhabited by assets that capture the value generated by their owners’ work and aptitude in using them.

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