Our streaming habits have morphed due to the evolution from conventional cable and satellite televisions to internet-powered IPTV. Without having to sit tight for a scheduled broadcast, we can now select what we want to watch and where and how we want to stream using IPTV. 

IPTV necessitates internet connectivity and, more significantly, a signal receptor, restricting its use to traditional television. Even though the streaming experience could be pleasant, you may have to skip some of your favorites due to personal or professional obligations. Not anymore though! 

The internet’s limitations which confine IPTV to a traditional TV, also provide us with a backdoor to applications like TiviMate. This software allows you to watch your favorite series, movies or sports feed while staying connected. 

Is TiviMate then the optimum IPTV app? It is probably your best bet if you are hunting for software that allows enjoying IPTV services without a problem. This review will guide you through every aspect of TiviMate and explain why the app is an ideal choice. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

A Brief intro to TiviMate 

TiviMate is an application that lets you watch IPTV on your phone and tablet. You can also use the TiviMate app for Fire TV Stick by downloading the application on the FireStick and then activating it via an IPTV service. 

It has two versions: premium and free. While the free plan provides several IPTV functions, the subscription version will provide complete access. Mentioned below are the features offered by the application:

  1. A straightforward interface 
  2. Ease of making numerous playlists 
  3. Upgrade to the Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  4. A customizable streaming experience 
  5. Catch-up tool feature to stay updated regarding sports news and favorite shows 

To sum up, TiviMate has a multitude of capabilities. Some of these functionalities are, however, exclusive to the premium edition. 

What makes the Premium Edition Distinguishable? 

TiviMate, as previously mentioned, has a free edition that enables you to educate yourself with the application before subscribing. The free plan offers specific features, limiting your selections and streaming experience. 

On the other end, the premium edition gives you full access to all functions and puts the finest IPTV performance at your disposal. A paid TiviMate membership comes with the following extra features.

  1. Synchronization

With a paid plan, you can integrate your IPTV access to any Android device, allowing you to view all of your favorite episodes without disruption. Premium membership also provides you access to global networks, providing you more flexibility and convenience while you are on the go.

  1. Enjoy a Mini-TV 

TiviMate can function as a small TV by keeping you updated and amused with all of your personal favorites. While the free edition allows upgrading the application manually, the premium membership ensures that your data is always up to date. 

You can enjoy any live stream or explore infinite VOD media straight from your smartphone, thanks to TiviMate premium. You can also set timetables and evaluate and change your collection to fit your needs. In essence, a TiviMate paid membership enables you to handle your IPTV access like traditional television, resulting in a wonderful mini-TV experience.

  1. Personalization 

TiviMate subscription allows customers to tailor their entertainment experience to their preferences. For example, you can edit the menus, content, and logos to create a unique streaming experience. The app allows making several playlists and categorizing content into different groups based on your tastes. 

  1. Auto-Update 

Unlike the basic plan, which requires a ten-day waiting period for your TV guide to renew, a paid membership updates your content immediately. The premium membership will eliminate the need to upgrade the EPG because it is automated manually.

  1. Disable Categories 

The possibility of turning off categories is among the major advantages of updating your TiviMate membership to a premium. IPTV, for example, offers a variety of categories, such as games, music, movies, education, and live channels. While having so many choices is great, you may never need them all.

You can choose preferences and add specific words or emblems to make a section readily available via TiviMate premium. You may also switch off undesired categories to personalize your experience to your liking.

Is TiviMate completely secure?

TiviMate is safe Android software that uses innovative security algorithms to protect your information. The app uses a cutting-edge digital payment system that provides complete security while updating your subscription.

Although no hazardous software or threats were discovered in the application, it is always good to be cautious and follow safety guidelines when accessing internet information. Additionally, you can use a VPN to remain anonymous and protected while watching your favorite shows online.

Wrap Up

TiviMate is among the best applications for watching IPTV on your smartphone or tablet. This app works on every device without interfering with your watching experience or threatening your security.

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