AutoRABIT, the top Salesforce DevSecOps platform supplier for regulated industries, announced on 4th May 2022 a US $26 million investment from Full In Partners, a renowned growth equity firm.

Given the rise in cybersecurity threats and White House recommendations to harden infrastructure and tighten security policies, this funding comes at a time when DevSecOps solutions are in higher demand, and the company is experiencing aggressive expansion. AutoRABIT plans to use the funds to support growth efforts and product development to address the real-world security and development concerns that regulated enterprises experience when using Salesforce.

What the founder has to say:

Meredith Bell, CEO of AutoRABIT:

“With this additional amount of funding, we’ll be able to continue growing product capabilities to fulfill our customers’ security and regulatory compliance needs while also allowing them to develop faster and offer more features to their customers and stakeholders. As AutoRABIT expands, this investment will allow us to provide even more value to our customers by enhancing our DevSecOps capabilities, which will complement our existing technology stack.”

What the investors have to say:

Maurizio de Franciscis, MD and Head of Portfolio Success at Full In:

“We’ve been thrilled to be an active partner of AutoRABIT since our initial investment in February 2020, as they build a great organization and momentum for growth. AutoRABIT’s DevSecOps platform enables Salesforce development teams in regulated sectors to ship digital products safely and quickly, which is more crucial than ever.”

About AutoRABIT:

Salesforce development teams may use AutoRABIT’s DevSecOps Platform to improve the quality of their releases at scale by using a set of CI/CD tools to configure, build, test, and manage development environments and deployments.

 The platform also supports data protection and optimization, thanks to a set of Salesforce DataOps technologies that allow development teams to extract more insights from their data while providing reliable backup and preservation. CodeScan’s code analysis technology to the existing platform adds a code security layer.

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