Bangalore-based SaaS platform, Testsigma secured USD 4.6 million on February 28, 2022. The funding comes from Accel and STRIVE

It also saw participation from Boldcap Ventures. Other investors who participated in the funding include co-founder and CTO of Freshworks, Shanmugam Krishnasamy; co-founder and VP of engineering at Freshworks, Kiran Darisi; co-founder and Principal Engineer at Freshworks, Parsuram Vijayasankar; CEO of Ally.io, Vetri Vellore; CEO at B12 Nitesh Banta; co-founder of Pintek, Ioann Fainsilber.

Testsigma’s purpose of funding

Testsigma will use the funds for strengthening its engineering and product teams. It will also simplify the testing and product-related stages for engineers.

Besides, Testsigma will build a global community of testers, test automation engineers, and developers.

The firm plans to make its test automation scalable and straightforward. The open-source test automation platform of Testsigma aims to replace the entire broken test stack and enable modern software-development teams. The teams will perform requisite tests and release products quickly, continuously, and at scale.

What the founder has to say

“Today’s test stack has made test automation more about writing and maintaining scripts than about taking quality software to market as quickly as possible. What we’re trying to do at Testsigma is not just simplify test automation to speed up the testing but also make it a sustainable, scalable process in which the tools don’t require ongoing maintenance, freeing up the teams to focus on value delivery instead of building and maintaining scripts and frameworks.” – Rukmangada Kandyala, founder and CEO of Testsigma.

What the investors have to say-

Abhinav Chaturvedi, Partner at Accel, said, “Test Automation is a problem faced by every organization, more so these days when release cycles are getting shorter. We are very excited to partner with Testsigma. It is an incredibly comprehensive, easy-to-use test automation platform that caters to every testing requirement of an organization.”

About Testsigma

In 2019, Rukmangada Kandyala, Pratheep Velicherla, Vikram Chaitanya, and Rajesh Reddy brought Testsigma into existence.

The team has rich experience developing enterprise SaaS applications for Zoho, Freshworks, Oracle and HPE.

It is an open-source, low-code, and scalable test automation platform. The platform enables software developers to cut their delivery time periods and facilitate quicker delivery of products in humongous quantities.

Using tests written in simple English, the SaaS platform helps to test web applications, Mobile applications, and APIs. It further eradicates the need to learn programming languages.

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