On the 21st of February 2022, SKAEL, the leading automation platform for generating and deploying Digital Employees, revealed that it had raised US $38 million in Series A funding led by RTP Global.

Bonfire Ventures, which led SKAEL’s US $4 million seed investment round in October 2020, and Dell Technologies Capital are among the other investors in the round. The new equity-based capital will be used to grow SKAEL’s product development, technology centers in Europe and North America, and global sales and marketing efforts. Digital Employees from SKAEL are currently working for the San Diego Housing Commission, Google, Signifi, Asurion, and several banks around North America.

What the founder has to say:

“People can communicate naturally with our conversational AI engine, concentrating on goals rather than tasks. People no longer want to work as cogs in assembly lines or cubicles. Our Digital Employees deconstruct the Industrial Revolution by allowing humans to be more human.”

Stated Baba Nadimpalli, CEO and Co-Founder of SKAEL

What the investors have to say:

“SKAEL provides outstanding value to worldwide enterprises, and as a result, it is seeing incredible growth. From individual jobs to end-to-end processes, hyper-automation will change the way firms automate work. We look forward to working with SKAEL as it continues to lead this market.”

-Jim Andelman, Bonfire Venture’s Co-Founder and Managing Director

“SKAEL is one of the first firms I’ve seen that can manage the complexity of hyper-automation while designing a dead-simple UI that nearly anyone can interact with, from Googlers to local government officials,” stated Julius Schwerin, Partner at RTP Global. 

Radhika Malik, Principal at Dell Technologies Capital, said:

“Baba and the SKAEL team fundamentally understand that empowering people to engage in purposeful work is the cornerstone to a high-performing team. We’ve been blown away by their dedication to building a human-centric automation platform that allows people to focus on critical thinking. In contrast, automation handles the rest,” 

About SKAEL:

SKAEL, founded in 2017, powers Digital Employees who execute repetitive duties in sales, human resources, finance, IT, and other areas, allowing employees to focus on more vital responsibilities. Most major software packages are quickly interacted with by SKAEL’s low-code Digital Employees. Human personnel can focus on higher-level duties while Machine Learning processes requests and offers answers.

The hyper-automation pioneer is introducing its new Digital Workforce Platform, which combines its automation and conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to create a new class of Digital Employees. These Digital Employees alter how humans engage with software, focusing on more important tasks.

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