ZERUND, an Assam-based startup manufacturing lightweight waste plastic bricks using state-of-the-art technology, has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-Series funding round led by North East Venture Fund on 3 February 2021.

Investors: The latest investment round saw participation from North East Venture Fund. The startup has managed to raise, in total, USD 535K to date.

Purpose of the funding: The startup seeks to deploy the proceeds from the investment round towards building a new facility containing five times greater capacity than their present facility. It aims to raise its revenue exponentially by opening the new facility.


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Brought to existence in 2018 by David Pratim Gogoi, Rupam Choudhury and Mousum Talukdar, ZERUND specialises in producing cost-effective, earthquake resistant and eco-friendly lightweight bricks fabricated from several waste materials like waste plastic. The firm strives to offer quality products by working with quality suppliers and employing competent employees. It focuses on providing the best service to its customers by adding value to their satisfaction. The firm has persistently expanded its manufacturing plant to meet the surging demand. Presently, the firm’s total production capacity has skyrocketed to 10000 cubic meters yearly. It envisages delivering top-notch solutions and adding growth for stakeholders. 

What the Founder has to say: “The construction industry is well-placed to experience creations and innovations. Customers prefer environment-friendly solutions, which has opened the product options for manufacturers. ZERUND has observed 85% monthly traction in terms of sales. We are quite positive about our rigorous expansion. We are estimating to experience 500% year on year growth by the end of this fiscal year. The development path planned for complete North East India in the latest budget of the Finance Ministry has filled us with greater hope to expand rapidly.”- David Pratim Gogoi, Co-Founder and CEO of ZERUND.

What the Investor has to say: “ZERUND aligns perfectly with our objective of empowering innovative and scalable startups in the northeastern region of the subcontinent. ZERUND, with the help of its patent-pending cutting-edge tech, has built plastic embedded bricks, an innovative product. These products have several advantages over regular bricks offered in the market. The speciality of these bricks is that they weigh less, contribute towards the environment by recycling waste plastic and are water-resistant.”- Shri PVSLN Murty, CMD NEDFi & Chairman NVCL.

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