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UK-based data analytics startup Brytlyt raises USD 5 million in Series A

UK-based Brytlyt, a GPU accelerated platform that delivers on-demand processing power, ease of use, and extraordinary user experience, raised USD 5 million on 22nd December 2021.

Investors: The investment round was led by AlbionVC and existing investors Amadeus Capital Partners and Finch Capital.

Purpose of funding: Brytlyt will use the new funding to expand across Europe and the United States and focus on recruiting and deploying new products. In addition, Brytlyt.io, a new serverless data science and analytics platform, was released after investment. Furthermore, the startup focuses on developing new platforms and expanding its product offerings.

About Brytlyt

Founded in 2013 by Richard Heyns, Brytlyt is located in London, UK. Brytlyt is a GPU accelerated platform that delivers on-demand processing power, ease of use, and extraordinary user experience. The startup has already patented its unique IP technology. Companies can access valuable insights in milliseconds using the startup’s insight platform rather than taking hours to do so. Users can quickly access thought analytics through the platform powered by graphics processor units. Brytlyt was designed to handle large and diverse datasets. The startup’s already serving various sectors like telecom, retail, finance, oil and gas, logistics, and genomics with its existing clientele.

What the founder has to say

“The success of this investment is a ringing endorsement of Brytlyt and our trajectory and will give us the resources to drive our strategic growth. The launch of Brytlyt.io delivers a unique way to access high-performance analytics tooling and is a genuine catalyst for positive disruption in data analytics. I believe the data analysis marketplace is at an inflection point with Brytlyt a leading contributor,” said Richard Heyns, CEO and Founder at Brytlyt.

“We are very proud that earlier investment partners Amadeus and Finch are now partnered with AlbionVC. Their combined support gives us the confidence to achieve our strategic growth objectives,” concluded Heyns.

What the investor has to say

“Organisations that can extract insights from big data in a timely manner will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our investment in Brytlyt.io is in firm support of that thesis. We are therefore delighted to welcome Brytlyt.io, and visionary founder Richard, into our growing portfolio of cutting-edge data companies that includes Quantexa, Solidatus, Elliptic and more,” said Cat McDonald, Investor at AlbionVC.

“Since our initial investment, the company has continued to win customers and innovate. The latest product, Brytlyt.io, offers world-beating performance with corresponding lower compute costs for data-intensive analytics applications, provided on a pay-per-use basis,” said Nick Kingsbury, Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners.

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