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Dutch consumer goods startup Accel Club raises USD 170 million in the latest round

Netherlands-based Accel Club, an online startup that acquires businesses, integrates them into its platform and boosts sales and branding, raised USD 170 million on 25th November 2021.

Investors: In the latest round, both equity and debt are being considered. Redseed led the equity round with Flyer One Ventures, while North Wall Capital led the debt round.

Purpose of funding: Using these funds, the startup plans to build, buy, and expand e-commerce brands leveraging the tools, technology, and resources available on its platform. Furthermore, most of the startup’s operations are centred on the US market, and it expects to expand to European and Asian markets soon.

About Accel Club

Founded in 2021 by Max Firsov and Nick Tuzenko, Accel Club is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Accel Club is an online startup that acquires businesses, integrates them into its platform and boosts sales and branding to the next level. Developing and consolidating Amazon third-party sellers under one company is what a Fulfilled Amazon roll-up firm like Accel Club does. Throughout the year, Accel Club experienced strong growth. The company has reached tens of millions of dollars in recurring revenue in just nine months since its inception in February while growing to about 100 employees.

What the founders have to say

“We see how quickly the e-commerce market is changing, when classic Consumer Goods Companies are losing online space to small independent brands that provide the same or even more value for customers with their products. We are building a global tech-driven consumer products platform that will offer significant value to millions of customers across the globe by leveraging our expertise in technology, marketing, operations and supply chain,” said Max Firsov, co-founder and CEO at Accel Club.

“In the past we built successful e-commerce businesses, which ended up becoming leaders in their local markets. This experience provided invaluable insights into the way e-commerce merchants operate and what difficulties they face on a daily basis. This knowledge allows us to efficiently structure our transactions, and to swiftly unlock value post integration,” said Nick Tuzenko, co-founder and managing director at Accel Club.

What the investor has to say

 “It’s becoming increasingly obvious that more and more consumption is going online. The e-commerce market transforms rapidly, and Accel Club is a platform that sets the stage for growth and accelerates the transformation. The team’s bold vision is the driving force behind why we are excited to support Accel Club,” said Vital Laptenok, General Partner at Flyer One Ventures.

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