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UK-based financial services startup Vauban raises USD 6.3 million in a pre-series A round

UK-based Vauban, a platform that helps venture capital fund managers and angel investors raise capital and invest quickly, raised USD 6.3 million on 25th November.

Investors: The investment round was led by Pentech, Outward VC, 7percent Ventures and MJ Hudson. Furthermore, high profile investors included Nested CEO Matthew Robinson; Grabayo founder Will Neale; ComplyAdvantage founder Charles Delingpole; Augmentum Fintech Partner Perry Blacher; and Axiom executive Al Giles.

Purpose of funding: The startup will use the funds to build its tech and regulatory infrastructure and open a new office in Luxembourg to strengthen its European presence alongside its London headquarters.

About Vauban

Founded in 2018 by Rémy Astié and Ulric Musset, Vauban is located in London, UK. Vauban is a platform that helps venture capital fund managers and angel investors raise capital and invest quickly. Setup, deployment, and management of funds and SPVs can be done online from all over the world, in a fraction of the usual time and cost. In addition to providing VCs and angel investors with its end-to-end platform, it enables them to easily create angel syndicates, raise funds, and manage fundraising and investment activities.

What the founders have to say

“When raising capital, VCs are obliged to undertake a countless number of time-consuming, long-winded and expensive processes. This deter many prospective managers from raising a fund, and therefore prevent many founders from getting funded. Our goal is to reduce the friction between those who have the capital, and those who need it to solve humanity’s biggest problems. So, we decided to start by rebuilding the infrastructure on digital rails, because it’s mission critical in order to provide a great UX to everyone in the industry: GPs, LPs and Founders. The next step is to build a super platform and network on top of our existing platform, in order to offer life-changing services to all parties involved,” said Rémy Astié founder and Co-CEO at Vauban.

“One of the biggest catalysts for new startup creation was the launch of Amazon Web Services in the early 2000s. It drastically decreased the cost and complexity of launching a new tech company. Unfortunately, the way these startups were funded remain in the past. That’s what we are changing. From operators-turned-investors starting their first fund to established VC firms launching their co-investment program, we want everyone to be able to seize opportunities when they arise.  We believe Vauban will have the same impact that AWS has had on the startup ecosystem,” said Ulric Musset, founder and Co-CEO at Vauban.

What the investors have to say

“Despite the meteoric growth in alternative investments in recent years, the infrastructure the industry relies on has failed to evolve. Simply creating and administering an investment vehicle remains synonymous with lengthy, cumbersome and expensive processes fragmented across multiple service providers. Vauban’s integrated platform has turned this on its head with a relentless focus on product and user experience, which has unsurprisingly led to exceptional organic growth and its emergence as the standout category leader in Europe. We have high conviction that Vauban will play a significant role in powering the growth of the alternate asset industry as it continues to move from the periphery of the global investment landscape into the mainstream, and are delighted that they have chosen Outward VC as its long term partners on this journey,” said Andi Kazeroonian, Investor at Outward VC.

“We like to invest in category-leading companies with big ambitions for growth. We believe Vauban is building a modern infrastructure for the alternate asset market which enables users to set up, deploy and manage their funds and SPVs in just a few hours. We have been very impressed by what Remy, Ulric and the Vauban team have achieved to date, both in terms of building a truly compelling product and their tremendous commercial progress, and we are very excited about their growth potential moving forward,” said Craig Anderson, Partner at Pentech.

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