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US-based startup Kidas raises USD 2 million in pre-seed funding

US-based Kidas, a company that focuses on protecting children against cyber predators and bullying, raised USD 2 million on 11th November.

Investors: Comcast LIFT Labs and Techstars initially supported the company after it grew. A pre-seed round led by Contour Venture Partners and New York Venture Partners was followed by an angel round with participation from Rob Seaver, Margery Kraus, Bharath Madhusudan, and others.

Purpose of funding: The company intends to use the funds to expand its marketing and development teams. A second focus was hardware for monitoring gaming consoles, identifying jargon or keywords associated with bullying, depression or predators. The age limit for services is yet to be determined, as many older adults face similar difficulties.

About Kidas

Founded in 2019 by Ron Kerbs, Kidas is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Children’s gaming consoles are monitored by Kidas, a platform that alerts parents about potentially harmful activities within these systems. It envisions a world where kids can safely interact with the digital world but recognizes that parents can help save children online from many threats. Kids in the Digital Age is an acronym for the digital world that alerts parents to potential risks in their children’s digital lives. To expand reach, the company will partner with organizations like PTA groups, school districts, esports camps, tournaments, and companies involved in the gaming industry. Ron Kerbs (the founder) is not a newcomer to the market. In his previous role as a technology team leader and investor in early-stage startups, Ron has over a decade of experience.

What the founder has to say

“It is our mission to help provide a safe online gaming environment for our children as they spend more time online interacting with digital avatars, which could be anyone. Our team built the Kidas software with guidance from a handful of the world’s leading bullying experts and researchers to change the landscape of safety in the gaming community and help give parents peace of mind,” said Ron Kerbs, founder & CEO at Kidas.

What the investor has to say

“Gaming is growing so fast while safety tech lags behind, leaving companies trying to play catch up – sadly often after negative events have already happened. Gaming needs to be a safe environment and Kidas offers a new way to inform parents of events and equip parents and caretakers with tools to talk to their kids about it properly,” Trace Cohen, Managing Director at New York Venture Partners.

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