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US fintech startup Able raises USD 3.2 million in seed funding to the creator economy

Manage Income

US-based Able, a company that helps influencers, freelancers, and creator platforms manage income, taxes, and invoice messaging, raised USD 3.2 million on 29th October.

Investors: Elefund led the USD 3.2 million seed funding round, along with Moonshots Capital, Next Coast Ventures, Signal Peak Ventures, and LocalGlobe from the U.K. Also participating in the round were entrepreneurs and content creators. Among them are Robinhood co-founder Nathan Rodland, YouTube co-founder and former CEO Chad Hurley, and Twitch co-founder.  And former COO Kevin Lin, YouTube superstars Evan Fong (VanossGaming), Phil DeFranco, Casey Neistat, Arif Lopez (Azzerz), plus TikTok sensation Kris Collins (@Kallmekris).

Purpose of funding: Funds raised will help the company enter the USD 100 billion creator economy on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Spotify, Twitch, Shopify, Dribbble, and Etsy. Furthermore, creating a product to bring together independent creators, freelancers, and e-commerce pros.

About Able

Founded in 2019 by Vince Cortese and Angelo Pullen, Able is a fintech company that offers an income management platform for creators, makers, and independent workers. Able launched as a mobile app, completely manages complex financial lives, offering a range of financial benefits through an elegant interface that provides freedom and flexibility.

What the Founder has to say:

“We raised pre-seed funding in 2020 and spent the year, mid-pandemic, building a highly scalable and secure product. We set out with a goal of creating a product our users love enough to share, and when we decided to raise capital and chose Elefund to lead the round, we were excited that they loved it enough to not only share it but to invest in it as well. Those who hone their craft, pursue their passion, and chase their dreams are shaping the future of work, but the current financial system views them as a risk, and the current rules and regulations make their lives needlessly complex. As a CPA dealing directly with independent creators and workers of all kinds, I have seen how managing money, getting paid, dealing with taxes, and accessing other financial products like credit and loans are all harder for independent workers. It’s time to change that,” said Vince Cortese, CEO, and Co-Founder at Able.

What the Investor has to say:

“Elefund has been investing in Vince and Angelo since the early days of Able, and we’re thrilled to have led their seed round. The fact that some of the most impressive, successful creators have joined to invest in Able is proof that the founders have already built a trusted brand that’s doing something incredibly valuable for independent workers. Able is truly the right brand at the right time for the future of work,” said Nathan Rodland, Co-Founder Robinhood, and Elefund General Partner.

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