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Digitty.io, a Berlin Based AI-Startup, raised Euro 2.2 Million in a seed funding round with participation from several angel investors and the Swiss Jungle Group on 4 October 2021.

Investors: Swiss-based Jungle Group and several angel investors contributed to the latest round of funding.

The Objectives behind the funding: The company plans to deploy the current funding to kick off its European expansion plans. In addition, the company brought Ajit Jaokar, a renowned AI expert and course director for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford, on board. 

About Digitty.io

Source: Company’s LinkedIn profile

Founded in 2019 by Sebastian Britz and Stephan Wirsich to support projects from the planning phase onwards through artificial intelligence, Digitty.io guides users efficiently and effortlessly through the lifecycle of their digital project to minimise sources of error and ensure reliable project planning. Digitty.io simplifies processes from the early planning stages of a project through the help of artificial intelligence. In doing so, the AI acts like a robot advisor, supporting the user with concrete suggestions during project planning and minimising additional sources of error.

What the Founder has to say:

“Humans are the most important decision-makers in project management. Giving them data-driven suggestions about the duration and feasibility of projects helps development teams and project managers and prevents projects from ending up being too long, too expensive or even unsuccessful,” explains Diggity.io CEO Sebastian Britz (39) and adds: “The funding and expertise of Ajit Jaokar put us in a position to drive our expansion much faster than before.” Currently, Britz says, they are preparing a Series A financing with international investors. They plan to land a double-digit million amount, primarily from international investors. 

What the Strategic Partner has to say:

“Over the last 18 months, I have successfully worked with the great team at Digitty and the two founders Stephan and Sebastian. From an AI perspective, we are solving a difficult problem that applies to many industries. I strongly believe that the Digitty product can add value to a number of sectors, especially in the event of a pandemic, said Ajit Jaokar about the partnership with digitty.

Forrester Research’s report “Make AI Your Silver Lining In 2021” reported that while AI adoption grew by 15 per cent through 2020, “maturity is rising as firms move past small, incremental solutions.” Around 37% of organisations have been affected by knowledge-based AI. 31% have been affected by ML, and 29% have been affected by decision management AI. Digitty.io facilitates its clients to increase sales, reach more customers and improve the quality of service.

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