Sprinque, an online Dutch B2B marketplace providing a SaaS payment solution customized according to the enterprise requirements, has raised €1.7 million euros in funding on 13 September 2021.

Investors: The investment involves participation from Force Over Mass, Volta Ventures and a pool of high-profile investors and payments domain executives. The startup has managed to raise, in total, €1.8 million euros to date.

Purpose of the funding: The startup seeks to deploy the new funds obtained towards further product development and captivate new customers to its platform to increase its market share in the domain.

About Sprinque

Sprinque Logo

Brought to existence in 2021 by Mark Holleman, Juan Espinosa and Manoj Tutika, Sprinque has structured an online checkout interface to enable and make business dealings as effortless as requesting something from an online consumer store. Its SaaS solution delivers several enterprise-focused alternatives and requires one sole integration. These comprise pay with net 30-, 60-, and 90-day conditions, pay on milestones and split payments. In addition, it gives access to a multitude of payment options, such as Pay by Bank, enabling purchasers to clear invoices through their mobile bank app or digital bank account. The checkout interface of Sprinque automates every payment workflow and will provide an option to dealers to immediately receive payment. 


What the Founders have to say: “With a rapid transformation of B2B commerce to online channels intensified by the pandemic, we are observing the new tech wave. Nearly 300 B2B platforms are now located in Europe, and a significant share has been established in the last five years. However, the developments in B2B payments are still marginal, as most of the functions are still offline. We envisage aiding B2B businesses and dealers profit and expand their enterprise while minimizing costs.”- Juan Espinosa, CEO and Co-Founder of Sprinque. “Volta comprehended the chance from a very early stage, and coupled with Force Over Mass; we have collaborators having valuable knowledge in the B2B and fintech domain.”- Mark Holleman, CPO and Co-Founder of Sprinque.  

What the Investor has to say: “Sprinque has a transparent approach on the way end-to-end business payments must function, and jointly, we can observe them expand globally. We believe that the experience of Sprinque’s prominence and its team is a testament for effectively tackling the problem confronted by B2B payments.” – Sander Vonk, Partner at Volta Ventures.

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