Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Studio Sirah is a startup that creates mid-core India-first games. It has secured a fundraise of US$ 830k in seed round funding last week, on August 30 2021. Lumikai led the financing bout and participated in the venture bout with the investors club of Akshat Rathee (Founder, Nodwin Games), Alexis Bonte (COO, Stillfront Games), Piyush Shah (Co-founder, Inmobi), Roshni Rathi (Partner, BCG), and Sameer Pitalwalla (Director, Epic Games). 

What the Founders have to say

CEO and Co-founder of Studio Sirah, Abhaas Shah, comments on the latest fundraise, “Gaming has always been a passion for us, and we are truly thrilled to be on this journey. With the backing of Lumikai and our superb set of angels, we can breathe life into our ambitious goal of evolving Indian content through games. Salone and Justin are former studio operators, bringing hands-on industry knowledge, the boldness of vision and a global network of experts and partners – we could not have asked for more.” 

Image Credits: Studio Sirah’s first game title ‘Kurukshetra: Ascension’ which is a strategy card battler featuring iconic heroes and creatures from India’s rich mythology.

Co-founder of Studio Sirah, Prateek Shah, remarks, “Lumikai is the best partner we could have asked for on our journey. With their extensive experience and deep understanding of the world of gaming, they align with our long-term vision while perfectly complementing our current strengths. Together with them and our angels, we hope to bring Indian lore to the world in a way that only modern games can do.” 

What the Investor has to say

General Partner at Lumikai, Salone Sehgal, appended, “We have been deeply impressed with the blue-sky, innovative thinking, game design insights combined with the speed of execution demonstrated by Abhaas and Prateek. The growing sophistication of the Indian gamer has meant a greater demand for world-class IP with culturally resonant content. We deeply believe in the power of high-quality, India-first, original IP in mid-core games towards unlocking value. Trailblazer phenomena are real in gaming, and we are proud to support Studio Sirah on their ambitious journey.”

About Studio Sirah

In 2020, two brothers Abhaas Shah (graduate from University of California at Berkeley and former-employee worked at Bain) and Prateek Shah, founded Studio Sirah to create mid-core games. Their first title will focus on strategic gameplay, immersive art, and a deep progression system. While targeting mobile-first, the first game would be out on both mobile and the PC, with the idea of making meaningful Indian content in a core game and a paper prototype, a Python text game, and a Unity minimum viable product. For more information, check out

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