19.August.2021 – California headquartered, AI-based career platform, Hiration announced that it raised nearly USD 3 Million in a funding round.  The funding round was led by Venture Highway, Y Combinator and Prime Venture Partners.

The startup plans to use the capital raised in scaling its operation, develop its products in the markets of India and the US. It also plans to hire talented workforces to grow the platform further.

Words from the investors – 

“Artificial intelligence will have as much if not more impact on our lives than even the internet. Hiration is using AI and ML to help job seekers …create resumes from scratch with little to no human intervention. Not only are these resumes much easier to create, but they are also in fact better than ones authored by humans since they are built for humans and software alike that are evaluating them for hiring positions. Hiration dreams of helping job seekers in all aspects of their job search process. They also have an impressive roster of world-class universities, job boards and companies using their technology,” said Amit Somani, Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners.

Samir Sood, Founder, Venture Highway, stated while many players are solving issues of recruiters, “we have not come across platforms which are focused on candidates and meaningfully solve for the entire candidate employment journey. Hiration is building a uniquely powerful, customised career platform for job seekers which is candidate first and tech-first, starting with an automated resume offering. There are strong tailwinds for this model due to the pandemic. We are very excited to partner with the Hiration team as they continue to disrupt the employment vertical.”

About Hiration – 

Hiration was initiated by IIM Calcutta alumni Aditya Sharma and Anish Raj Sikka. The startup aids professionals in creating resumes for jobs faster. It claims that it shares the technology used by the recruiters earlier with the job aspirants. 

Apart from resume making it aids applicants for cover letters, optimized LinkedIn profiles, creating portfolios online, and preparing for interviews. 

Hiration is currently working with existing education sector players which include educational institutes like Stanford University, IIT Madras, UpGrad, and others.

“While people invest time and money learning the skills for their jobs, they aren’t taught how to excel at the hiring process. We want to offer the same technology to job candidates and offer tools to those who may otherwise have been overlooked because they didn’t have access to the same resources or training,” said Anish Raj Sikka, co-founder and chief executive of Hiration.

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