Pietra, a New York-based eCommerce startup, announced that it raised USD 15 Million in a Series A funding round. The funding round was led by Founders Fund’s Keith Rabois.

This round also had the participation of TQ Ventures, Abstract Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz. The startup aims to help small creators scale their distribution of products, and also handle all the aspects that can determine success when launching a product is considered, which includes building up a few attractive marketing images of the product and building a pre-sales website.

Pietra raised an undisclosed amount in 2019 in a seed funding round which was led by Andreessen Horowitz.

About Pietra – 

Pietra is a business-in-a-box platform. Initiated by Jaden Levitt, Pan Pan, Ronak Trivedi in 2019, having its headquarters in New York. The company provides Creators all possible tools they need to build and start a business.

In the beginning, it started as a marketplace for jewelry but after the seed funding round in 2019, it pivoted its aim to create a platform for creators to increase their physical goods, from connecting with suppliers, fulfilling and setting up online Storefront and handling order.

Pietra allows its customers to shop around with a supplier’s network, find the one which suits them and move through the process from crafting to fulfillment with a guide of a tech platform. Ronak Trivedi stated that the ultimate goal is “to find the best suppliers in the world and try and bring them on the platform at the lowest minimum orders so that it allows the most people to try to start a business.”

The pricing of services by Pietra depends upon how many services provided by them you are using, and what is the operational scale, but most of the services are charged on a unit per basis. The startup also takes a percentage of goods sold through their marketplace. The startup is currently working on a premium (Pro) offering which can differentiate pricing designed for startups and more established brands that are producing more products per year.

“We were initially focused on jewelry and luxury and the rise of creators in this luxury segment,” CEO Ronak Trivedi tells TechCrunch. “When we launched our beta last fall we had this platform that had evolved from a marketplace to a creator hub where any size creator could come in, use the platform, marketplace and tools to effectively launch a digital-first consumer business in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.”

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