The Proptech industry is booming across the globe and the real estate sector is evolving year after year. Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made a noticeable drop in real-estate rate, the United Kingdom (UK) market is making an uptrend. The British market of Proptech was a clear winner in 2020, as it performed better than the rest of the market across the globe.  

According to an Oxford report, the world is about to step into the third phase of proptech. The massive startups that made this proptech 2.0 wave big are coming to an end, but the cash is still in the market and is getting mature and stable.

According to a report, the United Kingdom is a powerhouse for proptech, in FY2019, “over $5bn was invested in 805 UK proptech companies, five times more than Germany.”

This article has arranged the Top 10 Proptech Startups in the United Kingdom (UK), which have brought a massive uptrend in the market. The list is prepared in a reverted format, i.e. the 10th startup will be on top and vice-versa.

10. Orbital Witness

Founder: Edmond Boulle, Francesco Liucci, William Pearce

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: 2017

The total fundraised:  USD 6.3 Million (GBP 4.5 Million)

Investors:  Seed Camp, Outward VC, JLL Spark, Local Globe, Concrete Venture Capital, L Marks, LiFE Ventures.

Orbital Witness is a Proptech-meets-Legal tech startup that develops a rating of legal risks for real-estates. It provides faster, reliable and cheaper alternatives to legal work. 

The startup has pioneered a revolution where having access to information of a property is simplified and front-loaded. With this service, anyone can check a property from anywhere and have a clear picture in mind before spending money and time on the property.

09. Lavanda

Founder: Frank Breckner, Guy Westlake

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year:  2014

The total fundraised: USD 8.3 Million

Investors:  Henley Ventures, William Currie Group, Kenny Bruce, HarryHills, Anthony Nutt, William Martin, Samos Investments.

Lavanda is a SaaS platform designed to optimise real estate asset assets by letting property managers and landlords come into a legitimate medium or short rental demand. The startup has built an ecosystem that is integrated to focus on delighting the net operating income of residents.  

The startup’s target market includes build-to-rent (BTR), vacation rental portfolios, multifamily, student housing and serviced apartments. It powers the convergence of hospitality, travel, and residential real estate.

08. Brick Lane

Founder: Simon Heawood, Tom Cavill

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: 2016

The total fundraised: USD 8.4 Million (GBP 6 Million)

Investors: DMG Ventures, Clock Tower Technology Ventures, Local Globe, A/O proptech, William Martin, Form Ventures, Roundhill Ventures, Jam Jar Investments, Will Brooks

Bricklane equips technology to make an investment in residential property at scale, possible. The startup has industrialised the end-to-end process of investment, by executing granular transactions that pass elbow the radar of prominent investors to create an edge for its partners. It is done by Compass, the startup’s propitiatory technology.

After the property is acquired, it provides long-term contracts, responsive property managers and tenants. The startup also manages portfolios of property for retail investors in the market of Manchester, London, and Birmingham.

07. FlatFair

Founder:  Bartosz Alksnin, Daniel Jeczmien, Franz Dörr

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: Nov 2016

The total fundraised: USD 13.2 Million

Investors: Revolt Ventures, Index Ventures , Adevinta Ventures, Taavet Hinrikus, Greg Marsh, Jeremy Helsby.

FlatFair is an alternative to British deposit, with an aim to evolve the UK’s model of residential lettings. The website of the company says that  “the most effective government deposit schemes with smart technology to make renting more affordable for tenants, more profitable for landlords and more efficient for agents and institutions.” 

Tenants are eligible to pay a fee for membership instead of a deposit, and the charges on protection can be doubled by the landlord. FlatFair offers a property letting process without any hassle.

06. Residently

Founder: Noemi Staehelin, Sam Phillips, Tom Allason

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: Sep 15, 2017

The total fundraised: USD 13.2 Million

Investors:  LocalGlobe, A/O Proptech, Felix Capital.

Residently is a proptech startup that is initiated by technology entrepreneurs and property experts. It is digitizing the process of setting, finding and running a home, which makes it as simple as order and takeaways, or having a taxi.

Residently has brought a new way of living. It designs renting with a simple, vertically integrated and smooth living experience. It focuses on making residents feel right at the new home right after they walk into it

05. Trussle 

Founder:  Ishaan Malhi, Jonathan Galore

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: 2015

The total fundraised: USD 32.4 Million

Investors:  Renaissance Capital Partners, Rabo Frontier Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Propel Venture Partners, Flinch Capital, Seed Camp, GS Growth

Trussle is a free online mortgage broker that aims to provide fairer mortgages for everyone. It has taken the process of mortgage online, removing the hassle, time and cost involved in mortgage securing. It is completely free for customers and receives a fee from the lender once they complete the mortgage.

04. Good Lord

Founder: Philip Mundy, Richard White, Tom Mundy

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: 2014

The total fundraised: USD 34 Million

Investors:  Oxx, Latitude, Flinch Capital, Rocket Capital, Global Founder Capital, LocalGlobe, Charlotte Street Capital, Ribbit Capital, Global Founders Capital.

Goodlord provides a software service that is cloud-based to aid landlords, real estate agents, and tenants to manage the process of rentals. 

Its cloud-based software digitizes progression and tenancy creation, which lets the startup cut the pointless, time-consuming administration for agents while transforming landlord experience and tenants. Goodlord provides a shop-front for the real estate agents to easily provide services that add more value to their landlord and tenants like utility services and insurance.

03. Plentific

Founder: Cem Savas, Emre Kazan

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: 2012

The total fundraised: USD 41 Million

Investors: Roundhill Ventures, A/O Proptech, Target Global, Pi Labs, 1/0 Capital, Wild Blue Cohort, Christian Faes, Cenk Serder.

Plentific aims to empower landlords and managers of the property to deliver maintenance services and efficient repairs. It is a purpose-driven technology business. It’s been working for 6 years, with trade professionals and their partners of property to transform the communities they serve and processes. 

The company’s platform is providing services in the United Kingdom and Germany. It is used by property managers and landlords.

02. Habito

Founder: Daniel Hegarty

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year:  2014

The total fundraised: USD 82.3 Million

Investors:  Agumentum Fintech, Mosaic, Atomico, SBI Group, The Future Fund, Ribbit Capital, Tom Stafford, Mark Troughton

Habito offers Habito Plus, a service for homebuying that brings a buyer’s conveyancing needs, mortgage application, and surveys under one solution. It also provides a proprietary portal for brokers, which gives nearly 3000 external brokers access to the company’s buy-to-let mortgage products and capabilities of Instant Decision. 

The startup is looking forward to bringing a suite to market for innovative mortgage products for every different type of homeowners.

01 Landbay

Founder:  Gray Stern, John Goodall

Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom

Establishment Year: Jul 1, 2013

The total fundraised: USD 1.3 Billion

Investors: Seedrs, Zoopla Property Group Plc (ZPG), Omni Partners LLP, Oksana Stowe, Micheal Bristow, James Sore.

Landbay is a startup that operates between proptech and fintech. It facilitates retail, local government, institutional investments into UK’s residential mortgages. It is a “specialist marketplace lending platform for prime residential buy-to-let mortgages, combining market expertise with technological innovation, to benefit both investors and landlords.”  

The startup provides direct-match funding to portfolios that are diversified through their platform, which is supporting the growth of private rental accommodation throughout Wales and England. 

Landbay has won some reputable titles like Best Buy-to-Let Lender of the Year in 2019,  Best Specialist Lender, 20th in the Deloitte Fast 50 ranking in 2018, and many more.

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