Taster, a french startup, announced that they raised USD 37 Million in Series B funding on 29th April 2021. The startup runs restaurants that are only available on online food delivery platforms. The investors in this series are Octopus Ventures, Battery Ventures, Heartcore, Rakuten, Founders Futures and GFC.

The Taster focuses on five different types of street food, like Taiwanese food, Vietnamese food, Plant-based burger, Japanese street food and Korean food. Taster has started a dozen kitchens in more than 40 cities and has listed them with online food platforms like Uber eats and Deliveroo. 

This startup has a different perception about restaurant chains, as they don’t have any physical restaurant but instead focuses on delivering food. This idea of theirs is appreciated and is booming over time.

About the Company: 


The Taster is an online food restaurant available on online food delivery platforms mainly based in Paris. It is founded by Anton Soulier, who claims to eat and dream food. He wanted to change how the customer used to wait miserably and wait for a long time even when they were at the restaurant. 

“He reached a Vietnamese chef to ask him to help make a Vietnamese dish Paris would love”. The first kitchen they opened was in the 11th sub-division in Paris, and it was tiny that they both could barely stand side by side.

In Paris, Taster restaurants are in the third position after McDonalds and Burger King on Deliveroo (an online food delivery platform) to deliver a large amount of food in a day. It provides over 5000 meals per day.

It has started its own delivery app, but they are still available on other food platforms. The startup doesn’t want to replace an existing food platform by reinventing the wheel. They have the motive to provide food at every place possible.

Words from founder – 

“After operating its own kitchens, Taster now wants to partner with existing restaurants that don’t get a lot of orders on Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Taster brings its own native brands and menus as well as its tech tools.” – Anton.

“As Taster brands become more and more familiar, it should create demand from day one — restaurants can expect between €4,000 and €6,000 in revenue during the first week. By 2025, Taster wants to operate in 1,000 cities thanks to this partnership model.” – he added.

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