Introvoke secures US$ 2.7 million

California based virtual events platform Introvoke announced on 23rd April 2021 that it has raised US$ 2.7 million in a new funding round. The round was led by Struck Capital along with participation from Great Oaks, Comcast, Social Leverage, V1vc and more.

Investors: Struck Capital is a California based investment firm that was founded in 2014 by Adam B. Struck. It describes itself as a founder-first capital for entrepreneurs wanting to change the world. It is an early-stage investment firm that invests in core technology companies. Some of its portfolio companies include Blackcart, Postmates, Brainbase, Scratchpay and more.

“Right now, virtual experiences, from conferences and concerts to company all-hands, are generally hosted on third party platforms, which creates a disjointed experience for the brand or organization hosting the event. Virtual enablement should be native to the website and platform of the enterprise itself, and it’s the role of technologists like the Introvoke team to make these experiences as seamless as any in-person event.”—Adam B. Struck, founder and managing partner of Struck Capital.

Introvoke provides modules that can be embedded into any website or platform and can be used to engage with the audience. The funds from the current round would be used to support and develop its business model.

Logo of Introvoke

About Introvoke:

Introvoke was founded in the year 2019 by Oana Manolache. Virtual event platforms like Zoom have been experiencing a great demand since the onslaught of the pandemic. But most customers look at it as a temporary solution that would make up for the lack of in-person live events. 

Introvoke, however, seeks to provide a customisable and embedded solution to organisations on their own websites. Organisations will no longer have to use third-party based one-size-fits all virtual event platforms. They can engage with their audiences the way they like it. Introvoke provides virtual stages, networking hubs and chat rooms to organisations and enables them to host truly engaging events.

What the CEO has to say:

“One size does not fit all. The Band-Aid solution that was only supposed to last for a couple of months has had big benefits as companies grow their customer base and revenue targets. Now we’ve reached the third wave, as organizations want to bring solutions to their own universe and own their relationship with the audience.”— Oana Manolche, founder and CEO of Introvoke.

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