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A London-based health and wellness platform for men, Manual, raised US $30 million in a Series A funding round announced on March 30, 2021. Participating in the investment is US-based Sonoma Brands and Waldencast, together with existing European investors Cherry Ventures and Felix Capital. Also contributing to the round are the GISEV Family Office and FJ Labs

Manual is a platform dedicated to ensuring the overall wellbeing of men everywhere and to cancel the outdated notion of men being “too tough” for any sort of healthcare plan or medical advice.

Purpose of the investment

According to Manual, the proceeds of the funding round will be used for product advancement and global expansion. The company provides treatments, diagnostics, and continuous care and intends to expand across Asia, Europe, and Latin America, having already expanded to Brazil.

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Manual App

Manual is currently in competition with a UK brand, Numan (obtained US $13M), US-based Ro (secured US $876.1M), and Hims (listed). These brands often focus on problems like erectile dysfunction and vitamins, with the frequently common refrain of ‘normalizing’ the opinion that men should take better care of themselves and eliminating stigmas around sexual health. The company conducts blood tests and other tests to examine gut health, heart health, sleep, testosterone, immunity, and energy. They are facing a large and daunting market, as men historically tend to avoid medical specialists.

According to the founder and CEO of Manual George Pallis“We’ve been encouraged to see men of all ages frequently turning to Manual to resolve various health problems, with almost half of our clients seeking aid for more than one issue. A health concern may have more than one cause, and we can offer customers the ability to manage their health more holistically. Using several treatments to understand and promote their wellbeing.”

In an interview, Pallis added, “We developed our own teleconsultation product and have various applications for the blood test offering. When you get your results we will provide a clinician and walk you through all the data and the results. We also offer a medium for people to monitor their progress and have frequent check-ins with our medical team.”

Co-founder and partner of Felix Capital, Antoine Nussenbaum commented, “There is still much work to be done to eliminate the taboo when it comes to men looking after their wellbeing and speaking openly about health concerns. But we’re starting to see a shift occur amongst customers.”

Managing Director of Sonoma Brands Kevin Murphy stated, “Manual exists to enable men to take greater care of themselves and to enjoy fuller lives by doing so. George and his team have the clarity of foresight and the ability to make Manual a leader in this exciting and critical field.”

Company profile

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Manual is a startup dedicated to providing various aspects of medical services for men. They accomplish this by empowering men with all the choices and information needed to guarantee their wellbeing. The startup essentially provides a personal manual for guidance. A direction to maintaining men’s health and happiness by providing all the tools they need to be good to themselves. Founded in 2018 by George Pallis and Michalis Gkontas, Manual is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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