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MyGames, an Estonian racquet sports based startup announced late in February 2021 that it had raised around €100K in pre-seed funding. The funding round was carried out through the Estonian Business Angel Network.


Estonian Business Angel Network, or EstBAN in short, is a nonprofit umbrella organisation for all angel investors and business angels seeking to make an impact in the startup world by making an effective contribution towards budding startups. It was founded in the year 2012 and has its connections/reach in Estonia and Estonia’s neighbouring regions.

“Most of all I treasure MyGames team for its capability to work smart and achieve their goals fast, which is crucial for a startup company.”– Raigo Õunapuu, lead investor of the round.

About MyGames: 

Founded in 2019 by Margus Randmäe and Janno Metsa, MyGames is a young startup looking to disrupt the manner in which tennis and padel are played. 

Often in tennis, players travel on the tour to different countries and new cities. Although most of the time courts for practice are provided by the tournament organizers, it is not the case in lower-level tournaments. Many times the courts are full and may not be available.

Even for players who are not on the tour and new enthusiasts, finding well-maintained courts on time can be a bit of a headache. This is particularly true in the case of clay courts, which require regular maintenance in the form of watering, rolling and laying lines.

For this, MyGames has come up with a tech solution that enables players to simply find, book, pay and play. In 2019 MyGames launched its first application that enabled players to find substitute partners to practice with, with just a click. Later in July 2020, MyGames opened its first automated tennis court in Pärnu. And by the end of 2020, it had managed to deliver more than 2000 bookings.

With the new round of funding, MyGames is planning to add an additional 100+ tennis and padel courts to its network.

What the CEO has to say:

“MyGames is offering a complete booking solution (software and hardware) which helps the court owners to spend less and earn more while offering a first-class customer experience to the players. Our ‘Airbnb for tennis courts’ with the marketplace, booking and automation features will bring less effort, new players, more money and free time for court managers. And tennis is not alone. There is a rapidly growing community of padel players that could benefit from our solutions as well. MyGames will be the No.1 tool for racquet sports. There is a significant number of smaller tennis centres, public and private courts all over Europe that could be put in more use and we can help them do that while reducing their marketing and administrative costs at the same time”–  Margus Randmäe, co-founder and CEO of MyGames.

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