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New York Start-up Goalsetter raises USD 3.9 Million

Goalsetter, a New York based start- up raised USD 3.9 Million on 26th of January, 2021 in a seed round. The company has raised a total of USD 4.5 Million in funding over 5 rounds.

Investors: The start-up has acquired a capital of USD 3.9 Million led by Astia involving other participants like MasterCard, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, Elevate Capital, Rising America Fund, Portfolia’s First step and Pipeline Angels.

What the funding is for: They are aiming to grow their platform globally which helps parents to teach their kids financial literacy. 

Founders of the company: Tanya Van Court

Founded date: April 15, 2015

About the company: Goalsetter is a goal – orientated saving and gifting start-up mainly constructed for kids to make them understand financial literacy with combining platforms like Digit and Acorns with the best of gift- registries like Honey fund and Zola. 

Goalsetter is a privately held organization which has a work strength of around 50-100 employees. It is the first time saving as well as saving vehicle for kids which make them learn healthy financial habits.

The company recently launched its debit card for kids with a control system for parents over the card.

 What the CEO has to say: “It’s one thing to put a debit card into your teenager’s hand, that teaches them how to spend money. It’s another thing to teach kids the core concepts about how to build wealth, or to know the difference between putting your money into an investment account, or putting your money into a CD versus a mutual fund versus a saving account. We teach what interest rates are, and what compound interest means. Our focus is on financial education because it’s not enough to teach kids how to spend”. Said Van Court, Founder of the company.

She also added “Every single one of these investors has a demonstrated commitment prior to people marching in the streets in April, to social justice and to investing in diversity and inclusion initiatives and people”

“Every single one of them. That was really important because we were oversubscribed and we had the luxury of being able to pick who our investors were. Every one of the investors that we invited to our table were investors who we knew invited folks who look like us in 2019 and 2018 and 2017 to their table.”

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