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Netherlands based Creative Fabrica secures USD 7 million funds

Amsterdam based start-up Creative Fabrica raises USD 7 million capital in series A funding round led by Flex Capital on 21st of January, to provide more resources for its community of more than 1 million creators.  The organization has seen substantial growth since securing their first funding from Peak Capitals 2 years ago. 

Founders of the company: Roemie Hillenaar, Anca Stefan

Legal name of the company: Creative Fabrica B.V. 

Primary objective of the company: The organization’s main aim is to support artists and designers across the globe by providing premium quality content related to graphics and creation.  

About the company: Creative Fabrica is a sole proprietorship association which operates under the Graphic design industry. Their headquarters is located in Amsterdam having a work strength of 11-50 employees. They deal with various specialties like stock photography, graphic design and crafting. Creative Fabrica is basically a marketplace which provides premium content, graphics, font and craft designs for artists. 

Investors: The series A round of acquisition of USD 7 million was led by Flex Capital with the involvement of previous investors like FJ Labs and Peak Capital. More than 60% of the company’s businesses came from the US and the other 40% came from Canada, Australia and other major countries. 

What the funding is for: The capital would be utilized to launch new creator verticals such as kids craft and yarning. They are also aiming to expand the company globally and progress the team with strong talent. 

What the CEO has to say: “It’s been quite a ride from growing from 6 people to our team of 30 members now, and we are planning to triple our team this year. We have so much to build for our community that there is no time to waste. With this USD 7 million we have the means to move faster and continue to bring inspiration and resources for all creators out there”. Said Roemie Hillenaar, CEO of Creative Fabrica. 

What the investors have to say: “It’s impressive to see how Creative Fabrica has evolved from a standard two-sided marketplace to multi sided ecosystem fueled by a continuous circle of users inspiring: a creator offers content to a user who uses it and inspires other user, who in turn inspires a creator, who makes new content for another user. That loop of creation and influence continues over and over again”. Stefan Bary, General Manager at Peak Capital.

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