Home Breaking News Flipkart announces winners of its first cohort, Flipkart Leap accelerator program

Flipkart announces winners of its first cohort, Flipkart Leap accelerator program

Flipkart announces winners of its first cohort, Flipkart Leap accelerator program
Flipkart announces winners of its first cohort, Flipkart Leap accelerator program

India’s homegrown e-commerce giant, Flipkart announced final winners of its first cohort, the Flipkart Leap accelerator program for startups on 12th January 2021. Flipkart Leap was launched in August 2020 for helping new and emerging startups for growing scaling navigating challenges and contributing to the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem of India and boosting startup India campaign launched by the government of India. 

The finalist of Flipkart Leap accelerator who went through a rigorous 4 stage process, in which eight winners were shortlisted from more than 920 applications in five of the categories:

  1. Design & Make for India
  2. SCM & Logistics
  3. Technologies to Empower Retail
  4. Enabling Deep Tech Applications
  5. Innovations in Digital Commerce

What is Flipkart Leap?

Flipkart Leap accelerator is the first cohort of Flipkart aimed to strengthen the Indian startup ecosystem and build a community of local entrepreneurs. It is a 6 week program including one to one mentor sessions, master classes from the industry experts, hands-on workshops and various networking events which are specifically designed for turbo charger charging the journey of startups. 

Flipkart Leap accelerator program offers and equity free grant of US$ 25,000, access to the rich and world class startup ecosystem of Flipkart, possible partnerships with the e-commerce marketplace Flipkart and it’s partners, business and technical mentorship from various experts in the network of Flipkart and exposure to venture capital community as a part of demo day and consideration for investment by Flipkart.

Naren Ravula, the Vice President of Product Strategy and Deployment, Flipkart said, “With Flipkart Leap accelerator program, we aim to nurture promising startups and help them create compelling solutions for customers and bring value to the industry. The quality of the startups and the number of applications we received have been encouraging. We look forward to working with the eight startups, mentoring them and supporting them through industry exposure and strategic partnerships.” 

Flipkart Leap accelerator Winners

The 8 cohort startups that have been shortlisted for the Flipkart Leap accelerator program are:

ANS Commerce

ANS Commerce Logo

Founding Year: 2017

Founders: Amit Monga, Nakul Singh, Sushant Puri, Vibhor Sahare

ANS Commerce is a startup that provides full stack ecommerce solutions for helping brands to sell online. 

Entropik Technology

Entropik Technology Logo

Founding Year: 2016

Founders: Bharat Singh, Lava Kumar, Ranjan Kumar

It is the first Emotion artificial intelligence company of India. Entropik Technology has patented technologies for helping brands measure the emotional and cognitive response of the customers for media campaigns, brand content and product experiences.


Fashinza logo

Founding Year: 2020

Founders: Jeyandran Venugopal, Naren Ravula, Aishwarya Kalakata

Fashinza is a managed marketplace for democratic easing global fashion manufacturing domain for helping brands to become demand driven, profitable and agile. 

Gully Network


Founding Year: 2020

Founders: Ajay Nain

Gully Network is technology enabled retail network built for the middle sized grocery stores. The company partners with the existing grocery stores for transporting them into GULLYMART franchise stores for improving income and enabling end to end automation. 


Piggy Logo

Founding Year: 2016

Founders: Ankush Singh, Kunal Sangwan, Nikhil Mantha

Piggy is an investment application that enables modern banking experience for the Indian customers by offering a personal finance hub for them that has investments, insurance payments and other options.

Tagbox Solutions

TagBox Logo

Founding Year: 2016

Founders: Adarsh Kumar, Saumitra Singh

Tagbox is a startup which is creating trustable and reliable cold chains by incorporating the use of machine learning artificial intelligence and IoT to solve problems related to compliance and product quality operational efficiency and traceability. 

Unbox Robotics

Unbox Robotics Logo

Founding Year: 2019 

Founders: Pramod Ghadge, Shahid Memon

Unbox Robotics is a startup that builds on demand artificial intelligence driven warehouse robotic solutions that can be deployed using limited time footprint and capital. 

Wolkus Technology (Fasal)

Fasal Logo

Founding Year: 2018

Founders: Ananda Verma, Shailendra Tiwari

It is a climate smart precision agriculture platform built for horticulture crops. The capture real time data on various conditions from on form sensors for delivering farm specific, crop state specific and crops specific actionable recommendations for the farmers over mobile phones in vernacular languages using the Fasal app.

The first track of the Flipkart Leap accelerator program will include one-on-one business and technical mentorship, masterclasses, and networking sessions focused on venture development with the tools and best practices for building a scalable business in India and the second track of program will help the startups explore partnership opportunities with relevant business units at Flipkart. 

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