Home Funding Dutch based AlphaBeats raised undisclosed seed funding

Dutch based AlphaBeats raised undisclosed seed funding

Dutch based AlphaBeats raised undisclosed seed funding
Dutch based AlphaBeats raised undisclosed seed funding

The Dutch startup, AlphaBeats, technology developing a technology for tweaking your favorite songs to help you keep your mind calm and relaxed secured undisclosed amount seed funding on 17th December 2020. 

The healthcare startup, AlphaBeats has an agreement with the Dutch MNC conglomerate Philips for using their neurofeedback algorithm. This neurofeedback algorithm combines with artificial intelligence along with biofeedback signals like heart rate and breath for data mining with songs to play and how to play them. 

The fresh seed funding comes from LUMO Labs, an early stage venture fund for startups. AlphaBeats will be joining the venture funds 2 year program for venture building for focusing on market validation. The AlphaBeats team expects to see e initial market traction before the two-year builder program ends. Although the amount of seed funding is not disclosed, it was said that it is a substantial seed round in equity financing and the figures will be disclosed in the series A funding round. 

The co-founder of AlphaBeats said, “The patented neurofeedback algorithm adjusts your favorite music for bringing your brain into a relaxed state which is the Alpha mode. This adjustment is done in a subtle way for preventing users to be annoyed with the changes in their favorite music.”

As the startup says, “AlphaBeat-ised music can reduce the stress of a person listening to music with a factor of 3 in time as less as 10 minutes per day. The users can stick with their own headphones for cell phones. This board needs a fancy wearable, so the company doesn’t need to develop individual hardware for this either. AlphaBeats includes integrations with popular music providers like Spotify, Deezer etc. For ensuring the users can relax with their favorite playlist. It is boosted by an implicit manner of learning. The users also get insights for individual sessions and the development with time. 

Andy Lurling, a founding partner at LUMO Labs said, “In addition to getting a financial return for our investors, invest in companies that have a social impact as well. And it would be great if we realize this. As stress is one of the health epidemics in the 21st century we are contributing by investing in alphabets. It sits with our health and focus. 

The AlphaBeats company was founded in 2019, as a deep technology venture builder program of HighTechXLs and is headquartered in High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. Their revolutionary new technology is helpful for distressing unwinding and relaxing.

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