Home Funding BrainTale bags €1 million seed funding

BrainTale bags €1 million seed funding

BrainTale bags €1 million seed funding
BrainTale bags €1 million seed funding

A Paris based adapted care enterprise BrainTale has secured seed funding of €1 million on 10th November 2020.

The funding round

The funding round includes a loan from Angels Santé, Arts et Métiers Business Angels, Femmes business angels and bpi France. It also included participation from several veterans from investment capitalists from medical, pharmaceutical and Medtech industries. 

The company distributes and develops effective and accessible tools for prognosis and diagnosis of brain injured patients. It helps in diagnosing the recovery from coma and quantifies the brain to make a decision. The unique algorithms developed by them in the last 10 years of extensive research are based on validated brain imaging markers and thereby provide optimum solutions for diagnosis of patients who are in coma. They are expecting to receive the CE markings by next year.

The SaaS based solutions provided

They mainly offer two products, BrainQuant and BrainScore. Their SaaS solution, BrainQuant provides regional MRI qualification for the microstructure of the brain after serious brain injuries that require intensive care like cardiac arrest, stroke or a traumatic brain injury. It provides complete and precise reporting for the patients and physicians and is made especially for clinical uses. The validated, quality checked and calibrated neuroimaging markers provide interactive image viewer for clear data exploration. Another SaaS solution, BrainScore-coma effectively combines the artificial intelligence algorithms and brain quantification methods for predicting the accurate coma emergence of patients admitted in ICU after severe issues. It provides validated and predictive algorithms that are trained on large cohorts. The personalized information provided by brain score is meant to help with decision making. 

About BrainTale

The healthcare device company, BrainTale was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Paris, France. It was founded by Julie Rachline, Vincent Perlbarg, Louis Puybasset with professors Didier Cassereau, Lionel Velly and Damien Galanaud as co-founders. The solutions provided by BrainTale are based on standardized MRI measurements with best quality checks. They have derived the algorithms from statistics of severely brain damaged patients. The prognosis performances are closely aligned with clinical needs and their understandable reports help the proxies and physicians. They have been selected by the ECARE program of business France in 2019. They have also got a selection for the NETVA program and were one of the 15 startups which were selected to go to the United States in November 2019. The BrainTale project also was honored at the 2019 Wilconnect healthcare meeting.

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