Home Artificial Intelligence PORTL Hologram secures US$ 3 million seed funding

PORTL Hologram secures US$ 3 million seed funding

PORTL Holographics secures US$ 3 million seed funding
PORTL Holographics secures US$ 3 million seed funding

A holographic telepresence enterprise PORTL Hologram Company based in Los Angeles, California has collected US$ 3 million seed funding from Tim Draper on 30th October 2020.

The other investors include Joe Lewis, Jim Boykin and Doug Barry. Tim Draper is a technological venture capitalist who has previously invested in renowned enterprises like Skype, SpaceX and Tesla. Joe Lewis is an award show producer, Jim Boykin is the CEO and founder of Internet Marketing Ninjas and Doug Barry is an electronics arts executive. With the investment in the enterprise, Doug Barry is also joining PORTL hologram as its board member and chief operations officer. Tim Draper said, “I am very amazed with what David has developed till now and also excited for the future prospects of new way of communication by PORTL.”

The holographic projection by PORTL

The first product offered by the company, Epic PORTL Hologram Machine helps people to beam-in themselves from any remote location for a life-like, interactive and human sized, communication. They call it the first, completely, only available, single passenger and 4K holographic projection machine across the world.

The projector can transmit these holographic images at any hour of the day or night and with the use of the capture studio-in-a-box depicts that anyone can beam themselves to the remote place they want to. This PORTL holographic is available at a cost of US$ 60,000. They have already sold around hundred devices and have delivered it to many of the airports, movie theatre lobbies and shopping malls.

For the future plans, they are planning to develop a miniature version of their existing system that would be just the size of a desktop computer and can be used for distributing and recording holograms to anyone who has a PORTL device. The PORTL miniature will have more features than just the communication capabilities they will be having recorded entertainment as well.

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The holographic projection enterprise, PORTL was launched by David Nussbaum in May 2019. David Nussbaum has the experience of working in the entertainment industry for 20 years. The enterprise aims to advance the medium of communication with holographic projections by combining their software ecosystem and patented hardware to help with creativity, and acceleration and serve as a production house for the original content. The unique selling point of their product is the interactivity. In the beginning, they thought it was just a novelty enterprise but the success of their product showed them it is more than that. 

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