Home Funding Earthly Technologies raised US$ 2m seed funding

Earthly Technologies raised US$ 2m seed funding

Earthly Technologies raised US$ 2m seed funding
Earthly Technologies

Earthly Technologies, the post-container automation system building company, closed its seed funding round at US$ 2 million on 8 October 2020. The funding round was led by 468 Capital and was also joined by Uncorrelated Ventures, Hack VC, Bessemer Venture Partners, and several founders of high profile development platforms that counted DataDog, Cockroach Labs, Digital Ocean, Instana, Envoy Proxy, and Sentry.io.

The platform to renovate build-tools

Earthly is focused on bringing consistency between continuous integration and development alike the way containers have bought in the consistency points in development and production. It helps the developers save time by ensuring the execution of tests on the laptop works the same as throughout the pipeline. It acts as the glue layer over the CI (Continuous Integration) technologies and perfectly fits the existing workflows. 

The traditional processes for the build are very complicated and often time taking and can be maintained only by an on-spot master. Earthly solves this problem by using a syntax that every cloud developer is familiar with. Earthly is built on the same language as Docker containers. Overall the combination of familiar syntax and containers makes it fit in the existing workflows easily. 

How Earthly aim at problem-solving?

Earthly Technologies
Earthly Technologies

Containers are in use to build replicable and self-contained systems for years, but these CI/CD systems themselves don’t have these properties. Finally, Earthly solves this problem! The free and open-source platform has helped 800 plus developers on GitHub after it got launched in April. The company is further working on cloud-based features like the highly parallel execution and shared caching in a cluster. 

About Earthly

Vlad A. Ionescu CEO Earthly Technologies
Vlad A. Ionescu CEO Earthly Technologies

Earthly is a Cloud Infrastructure and Developer Tools background enterprise founded in April 2020. The company was founded by Vlad A. Ionescu and is headquartered in the San Francisco area. The platform can be used to create output artifacts, Docker images, or run tests. The motive of Earthly is not to replace the existing build systems; rather, it acts as the joining layer between them. It can be run on your laptop, your current CI, or even across a cluster using the Earthly Cloud Build. The tools build by Earthly are easier in understanding than the traditional build tools. 

The CEO of Earthly Vlad, being a repeat entrepreneur, has a strong background in Cloud Computing from VMware and Google. He has developed some renowned cloud technologies earlier, like Lever OS, RabbitMQ, and ShiftLeft.

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