Tech startup Deepsync Technologies raises US$ 300K in funding
Tech startup Deepsync Technologies raises US$ 300K in funding

Bengaluru-based startup Deepsync Technologies has raised US$ 300K in a round led by an early-stage investor Anicut Angel Fund along with participation from 9Unicorns and FirstCheque.
Other investors who participated in the round through Anicut include Ashvin Chadha, Sanjiv Bajaj, Varun Thapar, Pran Mehra, and Tushar Singh.

The fresh funds will be used to develop business operations, advance its tech and product development and expand the technology team.

Deepsync Technologies was founded in December 2018 by Ishan Sharma and Rishikesh Kumar and aims to solve issues in audio production to help in the creation of high-quality content. The two founders met on Github, a platform that brings together developers to identify, share and build better software. Both of them were working on the same project on voice cloning. After a few interactions, they realized that they shared a mutual interest in building an AI startup that created content.

The startup uses AI for content production by enabling creators to reproduce their voices. This helps content to be created at a rate 10x times more than when one produces it manually, saving a lot of time for recording, editing, and post-production.

It mainly focuses on content creators who interact with their audience using their voice as a brand. Creators from multiple industries such as publishing, media and advertising can enhance their voices seamlessly. Co-founder Ishan Sharma was quoted to say, “Imagine being able to create high-definition content without the need for equipment other than your laptop. Under this new paradigm, every creator would be able to do so with AI working as a creative counterpart. ”

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