Iowa, USA-based LightEdge, a leading provider of secure cloud and colocation for nearly three decades, entered into an agreement to acquire Connectria, a multi-cloud infrastructure and managed hosting service that supports over 400 clients’ mission-critical workloads. The company announced the acquisition on April 4, 2024. However, it did not disclose the amount of the funding.

Purpose of the acquisition by LightEdge

LightEdge’s current footprint of 12 highly interconnected facilities spread across eight U.S. markets is expanded by six data centre sites thanks to Connectria. LightEdge’s fourth acquisition since GI Partners’ investment in 2021 is the most recent example of the company’s solid and expanding leading position in the data centre and cloud infrastructure industry.

Connectria’s extensive knowledge of public cloud hosting for IBM, AWS, and Microsoft Azure enhances LightEdge’s capabilities in providing colocation, enterprise cloud, connectivity, and improved network security.

It is anticipated that the deal will conclude by the end of April.

What the LightEdge CEO has to add

LightEdge CEO Jim Masterson said, “With this acquisition, LightEdge becomes one of the only secure and compliant infrastructure providers in the country offering both hybrid colocation and tailored multi-cloud solutions. The acquisition extends LightEdge’s colocation and private cloud offering into public cloud services while bringing together two incredibly talented and diverse teams and two highly complementary product suites, geographies, and customer bases. We expect this acquisition to further enhance our customer experience, and to that end, our top priority is to continue providing high-level service to our existing and new customers while seamlessly integrating the companies.”

What does the Connectria official have to comment

Connectria CEO Amar Patel further said, “ LightEdge provides a perfect fit for Connectria. Both LightEdge and Connectria have established themselves as successful, fast-growing innovators that put security first within their product sets,” he said. “Both companies are also known for their strong company cultures, employee engagement and empowerment, and close ties to customers and suppliers.”

What do the official from GI partners have to add

Xiao Tsai, Director of GI Partners, said, “We are excited to support LightEdge’s continued growth, geographically, through additional product offerings, and by combining our incredible teams. Connectria’s IBM and public cloud capabilities provide LightEdge with additional avenues for future growth.”

About LightEdge

For businesses that seek 100% uptime for mission-critical applications, LightEdge is the pioneer in secure colocation, managed services, hybrid and multi-cloud, private, and public cloud solutions. LightEdge helps businesses safeguard their vital business data, expand their IT workforce, improve their IT infrastructure, and go to the cloud more quickly and easily. LightEdge’s core competencies are security, observability, and compliance attestation, which are industry leaders. The company guarantees 100% SLA uptime and has a customer turnover rate of less than 1%. 

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