North Carolina, USA-based fintech firm dedicated to bringing Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solutions to mid-market industrial clients, Quantix raised an additional USD 15 million in funding. The company announced the fundraise on November 30, 2023. SR Alternative Credit (SRAC), a US-based private credit manager, led the investment for the firm. 

Purpose of financing for Quantix

With the latest investment, the company seeks to further advance its mission to provide advanced speciality finance products, typically reserved for Fortune 1000 corporations, to mid-sized businesses. It has plans to enable them to extend payment terms with vendors.

The funding further equips Quartix to meet the growing demand for these solutions, especially during cash flow challenges and supply chain disruptions. 

What the company’s official has to add

Dror Polak, CEO of Quartix, said, “Mid-market clients experience evolving cash flow needs. Traditional banking products fall short, and advanced solutions were previously limited to Fortune 1000 firms. Quartix provides mid-market buyers with advanced digital working capital products. Our digital platform, fueled by real-time payable data, complements traditional bank credit lines, providing CFOs and treasurers with digital tools for effective cash flow management and supply chain capital optimization.”

Polak also added, “In today’s environment, corporate-sized companies extend payment terms with suppliers, often affecting mid-market suppliers. These mid-market suppliers, in turn, aim for longer payables with their suppliers, leading to vendor friction and relationship risks. With this funding, we can better assist mid-market companies in optimizing payment terms with suppliers without straining business relations.”

What the investors have to comment 

Peter Faigl, Chief Investment Officer of SRAC, further said, “Quartix’s success reflects the growing demand for on-demand credit tailored to real-time trade events in the middle-market segment. Their strong credit portfolio performance demonstrates the team’s ability to seize these opportunities. With their data and scale advantages, we’re excited to support Quartix’s growth.”

About the company 

The company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, also has offices in Ramat Gan, Israel. Quartix’s SaaS cloud connects middle-market buyers, their vendors, as well as institutional investors. It further allows buyers and vendors to pay or collect invoices whenever they want, regardless of payment terms. Quartix’s SaaS platform empowers mid-sized ‘buyers’ with annual sales between USD 25 million and USD 1 billion and their chosen vendors to manage payments as well as collections beyond standard terms. 

The company leverages the buyer’s creditworthiness to offer appealing financing options to suppliers, facilitating negotiations for extended payables without vendor friction. 

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