Atlanta, USA-based award-winning digital marketing agency Marketwake acquired USA-based Punchlist, the innovative feedback management tool streamlining feedback and collaboration across teams. The company announced the acquisition on November 14, 2023. However, it did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

Purpose of the acquisition by Marketwake

The recent acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and their users. It integrates Marketwake’s strategic growth expertise with Punchlist’s no-code, visual-first feedback solution. 

In the coming weeks, Marketwake has plans to unveil new, expansive plans for Punchlist, promising to enrich the user experience. It seeks to achieve this without altering the core functionality that thousands have come to rely on.

With the recent acquisition, Marketwake aims to drive growth, inspire change, as well as improve the creative workflow.

What the Punchlist’s official has to add

Sean O’Brien, Managing Partner at Overline and lead investor in Punchlist, said, “We invested in Punchlist having seen the challenges inherent in securing feedback and approvals on creative assets—a universal problem facing internal and external creative teams alike. The Punchlist platform delivers strong customer value by helping teams close the loop on creative feedback, removing friction and errors throughout the process. We have known the Marketwake team since their inception, and we are thrilled to see Punchlist find a home with one of Atlanta’s top agencies.”

In addition, Pete Bernardo, founder of Punchlist, said, “Punchlist was crafted out of a vision to simplify and revolutionize creative feedback. Merging with Marketwake is a strategic step towards scaling that vision.”

What the Marketwake official has to comment

Marketwake’s CEO, Brooke MacLean, further added, “The cornerstone of Marketwake’s approach is our passionate pursuit of growth for our clients—not just for the sake of recognition, but to inspire change, drive growth, and forge meaningful connections. We feel that Punchlist’s vision aligns fully with our goals to improve the collaboration and creative experience not just for our clients but for all teams.”

About Marketwake

Marketwake is a digital marketing agency committed to strategic growth and excellence. The company boasts a global clientele. The acquisition implies growth and a strengthened commitment to the creative process. Punchlist has successfully processed hundred-thousands of feedback instances which makes it a crucial tool for businesses across the globe. The move represents Marketwake’s dedication to eliminating common workflow obstacles. The company in the pursuit of creating better work and better results. Marketwake is known for its passion for inspiring change and fostering connections in the digital landscape.

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