New York, USA-based pioneer in verifiable computing, Jiritsu raised USD 10.2 million in funding. The company announced the investment on September 20, 2023. gumi Cryptos Capital led the financing for the firm. Susquehanna Private Equity Investments, LLLP, and Republic Capital also provided the investment. Other investors such as Comma3, Kestrel, Eterna, Kestrel, Sera Fund, Evernew, Polymorphic, Shima, and Tokentus joined in the funding.  

Purpose of financing for Jiritsu 

With the latest financing, the company has plans to accelerate Jiritsu’s mission of revolutionizing blockchain solutions. The company’s groundbreaking Unlimited Verifiable Compute (UVC) technology offers an easily programmable approach. Its solutions are applicable to virtually any workflow and generate Proof of Workflow (PoWF), setting a new paradigm in verifiable computing.

What the company’s officials have to add

Jacob Guedalia, CEO of Jiritsu, said, “Securing this funding is a significant milestone for Jiritsu. It validates our vision and the groundbreaking work we’ve been doing in the field of verifiable computing. The strong strategic value of our investors, who are leaders in Real-World Assets, further solidifies our position. We’ve delivered over 4 million PoWF and counting. Our UVC technology is setting new industry standards.”

He further added, “In summary, Tomei is a game-changer in the asset management industry. We’re excited to leverage the funding to accelerate the development and adoption of both the UVC platform and Tomei RWA.”

What the investors have to comment

Miko Matsumura, Managing Partner at gumi Cryptos Capital, said, “Jiritsu has developed a technology platform for compute verification, an increasingly important Internet infrastructure. With the launch of Tomei, we feel that the team has identified a killer application for this platform.”

Meanwhile, Brian Johnson, Senior Director at Republic Capital, stated, “We are thrilled to invest in this amazing team. We believe Jiritsu will be an important catalyst for the tokenized real-world asset space with its Verifiable Compute technology.”

Besides, Yida Gao, Shima Capital’s Founder and Managing General Partner, said, “RWAs may become one of the best use cases for blockchain. We are extremely bullish on Jiritsu’s ability to accelerate the path towards mass adoption by scaling the asset tokenization sector with their unlimited verified compute technology powered by MPC.”

About the company 

Jacob Guedalia is the CEO of the company, which launched in 2020. Jiritsu is a pioneer technology company specializing in decentralized and verifiable computing. The company revolutionized computational innovation, developing technologies such as Unlimited Verifiable Compute (UVC) and decentralized Zero-Knowledge Multi-Party Compute (ZK-MPC).

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