Delaware, USA-based leading hospitality and travel technology provider HotelRunner acquired Turkey, Istanbul-based high-end point-of-sale system, PayPad. The company announced the acquisition on September 19, 2023. However, it did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

Purpose of the transaction by HotelRunner

With the latest acquisition of PayPad, HotelRunner marks a significant milestone in the latter’s mission to offer a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. It seeks to emphasize the hotels’ on-premise sales and payments.

The transaction of PayPad is the third acquisition in HotelRunner’s ongoing acquisition journey. The company aims to consolidate the industry under its roof while proudly extending its offerings to serve the diverse needs of its partners.

What the HotelRunner officials have to comment

Arden Agopyan, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner, said, “Our strategic acquisition of PayPad and the birth of HotelRunner POS aren’t merely about enhancing our product offerings; it’s a bold leap toward our vision of building a bigger travel economy. As we welcome HotelRunner POS into our expansive ecosystem as a foundational part, we solidify our presence in the payments and sales verticals in travel and hospitality. We’re proud to shape the path toward industry consolidation and usher in a transformative era, reinforcing our brand’s legacy.”

In addition, Ali Beklen, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner, commented, “With PayPad seamlessly integrated into the HotelRunner’s unique market network, we’re spearheading a technology revolution that forms the cornerstone of a unified digital travel ecosystem. Beyond elevating the guest experience and optimizing operational efficiency for accommodations, this strategic move underscores the power of frictionless all-in-one platforms as the key to success. This acquisition unlocks a new untapped opportunity and sets a path to delivering unrivalled value and pioneering innovation for our partners.”

What the founder of PayPad has to comment

Besides, Veysel Berk, the Founder of PayPad, said, “HotelRunner is democratizing the use of technology for every player in the global ecosystem. As both teams share the same values, culture, and product principles, we are thrilled to join forces with HotelRunner. We are happy to become part of its broad vision. PayPad, revamped as HotelRunner POS, will play a pivotal role in adding exponential value to properties worldwide. It further ushers in a new era of advanced sales solutions in travel and hospitality.”

About PayPad

Veysel Berk launched the company in 2016. PayPad operates as a cloud-based, smart sales system. It is designed exclusively for restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. It expanded into the global market with a client base in regions such as the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, and Turkey. 

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