London, United Kingdom-based startup PROSPECT 100 raised EUR 700k in recent funding. The round took place on August 25, 2033. Pan-European fund BlackWood Ventures, London-based QVentures, and Austrian entrepreneur Ferdinand Ahorner co-led the financing for the firm. In addition, several notable angel investors such as famous designer Sean Wotherspoon, Guy Holmes of Gut Records and Snappt and Adam Perrin of Masomo Games and Marshmallow, provided the investment to the firm.

Purpose of financing for PROSPECT 100

With the latest financing, Prospect 100 seeks to build the go-to platform for co-creation, a digital space that allows brands to connect and collaborate with creative talent around the world. 

In addition, PROSPECT 100 intends to develop its platform to become the home for co-creation, enabling more brands to co-create with creatives from all over the globe. It also seeks to focus on growing their already thriving community.

What the company’s official has to add

Harry Beard, the 23-year-old co-founder and CEO of PROSPECT 100, said, “We believe the best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. Lego has pioneered the way with their platform ‘Ideas’, enabling them to co-create new products alongside their consumers. Co-creation is a way for brands to speak with their consumers through the language of design, providing opportunities to really deserving – often underrepresented – talents. I believe every organisation will put co-creation at the heart of their strategy in the coming years, and PROSPECT 100 is the home of co-creation.”

What the investors have to comment

Abbas Kazmi of BlackWood Ventures further commented, “We are excited to be leading PROSPECT 100’s first funding round. We have closely followed the team’s progress for the past three years. Through democratising access to innovation, we look forward to seeing PROSPECT 100 revolutionising how brands and designers work together. Our team truly believes that they have the right team in place to deliver on this promise.”

 In addition, Harveer Bharaj, Principal at QVentures, said, “We’re excited to back the PROSPECT 100 team as they build the go-to destination for organisations seeking to tap into a growing community of freelance creative talent. Through PROSPECT 100’s cutting-edge co-creation platform, organisations like amfAR and Paramount have successfully unveiled new products and brand designs that deeply resonate with their target audiences. We’re looking forward to supporting the team as PROSPECT 100 revolutionises how organisations approach design.”

Sean Wotherspoon further said, “I think it’s extremely important for platforms like PROSPECT 100 to exist. There’s so much talent hidden in our world; it’s great seeing people like PROSPECT 100 giving a platform for them to be noticed.”

About the company

Adam Flanagan, Alexandre Daillance and Harry Beard launched the company in 2020. Since its inception, PROSPECT 100 has hosted co-creation opportunities with organisations such as Paramount, Kering, Swatch and even the Ukrainian Government. 

PROSPECT 100’s co-creation platform connects corporates, charities and public organisations with a deep community of freelance and professional creatives. The platform allows organisations to crowdsource creative designs, driving engagement.

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