Atlanta, USA-based internet service provider delivering access to homes and small businesses and a Trive portfolio company, Earthlink, acquires Texas, USA-based provider of voice and data services, One Ring Networks. The company announced the acquisition on August 18, 2023. However, it did not disclose the amount of the transaction.

The latest acquisition allows Earthlink to expand its business platform capabilities. It further seeks to diversify its portfolio of products and services, including high-speed business internet. One Ring holds a significant market share across states such as Arizona, California, Georgia, Maryland, and Texas. It also delivers high-speed, fixed wireless internet service and other communication services to businesses and consumers.

The acquisition closed on June 30, 2023. As a part of the deal, John Jenkins, President of One Ring Networks, will serve as the newly appointed President of EarthLink Business Services.

What Earthlink’s official has to add

Glenn Goad, CEO of Earthlink, said, “We are excited to partner with One Ring and accelerate the rollout of EarthLink Business Services. This combination represents a compelling growth opportunity in the high-speed business internet market. EarthLink and One Ring will utilize the key advances in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology to better serve our customers.

In addition, John Jenkins, President of EarthLink Business Services, said, “EarthLink and One Ring’s strategy is to continue to expand the leading platform in the industry both organically and through future acquisitions across the U.S. It further seeks to better serve the Company’s large and growing customer base. With our combined commitment to providing business and consumer customers with the best in communication services, we will continue to be one the largest, fastest-growing, and top-ranked service providers in the industry.”

What the Trive Capital official has to add

Shravan Thadani, Partner at Trive Capital, further said, “EarthLink and One Ring are highly complementary businesses and together will provide ultra-reliable, high-speed internet services to businesses and consumers nationwide. Significant advances in FWA technology support One Ring’s offering. It will also enable EarthLink to take its Business Services capabilities to the next level for its customers.”

About Earthlink

In March 1994, Sky Dayton, investor Reed Slatkin and Kevin M. O’Donnell launched Earthlink. EarthLink is a top U.S. internet provider delivering access to more homes and small businesses than any other ISP. EarthLink offers high-speed internet access, premium email, web hosting, and privacy and data security products and services to approximately 750,000 consumer and business customers throughout the United States. It is also a key partner relationships with several of the nation’s largest providers, enabling the Company to offer products and connectivity services available to millions of households nationwide.

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